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William Quinton

I have been studying art at remit in Leicester since 2001. Some of it was published in Leicester in bubble magazine, an arts council publication offered free,i havent taken any qualifications as i dont think thats what art is about!I suffer from mental illness ,and most of my art stems from these experiences,visions,paranormal experiences and things ive imagined, and seen over my lifetime,I guess it would be catergorised as outsider art,I dont paint a picture without meaning , and i like to put an edge into it ,otherwise i consider it pointless.

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass  Boy's Eye Stargate
Size Size: 24.00" x 12.00"
Price Price: £69.70

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass "dangerous Minds"
Size Size: 36.00" x 24.00"
Price Price: £139.00

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass  Faces of Vanity
Size Size: 16.00" x 12.00"
Price Price: £39.99

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass  'garden of Eden'
Size Size: 20.00" x 14.50"
Price Price: £45.00

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass Screaming Motion
Size Size: 25.00" x 18.00"
Price Price: £55.00

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass  Ebony
Size Size: 16.00" x 12.00"
Price Price: £39.00

{Title} by {ScreenName}
Magnifying glass  "the Torment of a Child"
Size Size: 26.00" x 31.00"
Price Price: £188.00

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