John Tinney

John Tinney
I am a mostly self-taught creative man from Glasgow. I have been drawing, painting and being a nuisance to many since Peter played lead for The Apostles. As you can see, my work is varied and draws upon original images from my own photographs and iconic portraits and landscapes that any spoiled human can find if they look hard enough. I enjoy the challenge of commissions and have painted a few for some beautiful and tasteful customers. I hope you enjoy looking at my work, and will indulge my habits by purchasing a painting or six.

26% off!
Joker by John Tinney
£122.00 £90.00
Offer ends 10-Mar
31% off!
Taxi Driver by John Tinney
Taxi Driver
£152.00 £105.00
Offer ends 10-Mar
40% off!
Busking by John Tinney
£150.00 £90.00
Offer ends 10-Mar
24% off!
The Clash by John Tinney
The Clash
£155.00 £118.00
Offer ends 10-Mar

20% off!
Glasgow's Green and White by John Tinney
Glasgow's Green and White
£125.00 £100.00
Offer ends 10-Mar
Big City by John Tinney
Big City

Belsuhi by John Tinney

Ian Dury by John Tinney
Ian Dury
City Lights by John Tinney
City Lights
Che by John Tinney

Steal Me by John Tinney
Steal Me
Les Paul by John Tinney
Les Paul

Johnny Cash by John Tinney
Johnny Cash
Amsterdam by John Tinney

Kurt Cobain by John Tinney
Kurt Cobain

Keith Moon by John Tinney
Keith Moon
Bob Marley by John Tinney
Bob Marley

Paranoid by John Tinney

Tom Waits by John Tinney
Tom Waits
Bill Hicks by John Tinney
Bill Hicks
Big Yin by John Tinney
Big Yin

Kowalski by John Tinney

50 artworks.

Customer reviews of John Tinney's art

Artwork icon New York, New York
It was good, just needed a really good frame to set it off. that would make it twice as expensive though; and i liked choosing my own frame
Artwork quality
Delivery and packaging  
Overall service
nn, Eastbourne, 13-Jun-2014
Artwork icon Liam and Noel (Commission)
Artwork quality
Delivery and packaging  
Overall service
mp, egremont, 16-Dec-2013

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Positive Positive Positive Positive Positive  Superb. This artist has received the highest accolade ArtGallery can bestow - they are considered a superb artist both through feedback from customers and from ArtGallery's own relationship with the artist. Our customers are delighted with this artist's work and their ability to deliver on time. ArtGallery has had many positive experiences with this artist and is delighted to recommend them very highly.

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