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Andrew McNeile Jones graduated from Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art, with a first in Fine Art, in the 1980’s. He then trained as a filmmaker, working in all areas of the film and television business. He produced and directed dramas, documentaries and commercials. He has shot in many countries around the world, and won numerous awards for his productions. Throughout this time he continued to paint, but in 2002 decided to leave the film business in order to be able to concentrate on his art.

He now lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and young family. He read more ...

Andrew Mcneile Jones has 100 artworks.

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Reviews from customers who have bought Andrew Mcneile Jones's work

Demijohn by the Old Fireplace
Andrew Mcneile Jones



It was a new idea, buying art online. It was a bit disconcerting not having seen the work for real but as we had no time to do it any other way we went for it. I was a bit worried that we would hate it when we saw it but it was in fact much as we expected.

However had that not been the case I didn't seen anywhere on your site what to do if the art work does not reach exepectation and whether you have a system for return and refund in that eventuality

Janet Maresh

Lemons From Amalfi
Andrew Mcneile Jones


Beautiful. I really love it.


Margaret W , Waltham Abbey

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