Barry John Gray

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United Kingdom

I live in County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

I have always been very passionate about art throughout my life and have recently decided to finally put myself and my work "out there."

I have sold artworks in my local area and now wish to reach a wider market through

The main inspiration for my work is the beautiful Irish countryside which surrounds my home. I also enjoy painting and drawing animal portraits.

I hope my work is as well received in the wider world, as it is in my home area, Northern Ireland and look forward to read more ...

Barry John Gray has 29 artworks.

Barry John Gray does not have any gifts on show at the moment.

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Original Galaxy Acrylic Painting 10'' x 14''
Barry John Gray


Excellent piece of artwork!!!


Excellent!!! Brilliant piece of work!
Product : Excellent piece of artwork!!!

James Sawtell

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