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I live and work in the North of England, UK. I studied art at Goldsmiths College, London. I was awarded a degree in art and education.

I am open minded to all ideas and styles and I experiment with materials and techniques so my artwork is diverse and eclectic. I create recognisable bodies of work around any one particular subject / style which I adopt. This approach to work suits me because it allows my art to be open to new inspirations and to constantly evolve and grow.

In a series of abstract paintings 'River of Floating Dreams' I explore the concept of the read more ...

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Fossil Hunt
Cyndy Cmyth


I bought Fossil Hunt by Cyndy Cmyth, a mixed media triptych in a metallic finish that is perfect for the position I had planned. When hung the muted metallic lustre dominates the space in a subtle way and adds the illusion of increased space. I am delighted with my purchase.


I would recommend ArtGallery to anyone who was interested in buying original art. There is a huge catalogue of work catering for just about every taste. I have bought from them several times and am likely to do so again. Delivery is prompt and the artwork packaged securely.
If there is one service I wish that they could add it would be a buying and selling artwork that one has grown out of after having it for many years.
Product : I bought Fossil Hunt by Cyndy Cmyth, a mixed media trip


Festival of Floating Dreams
Cyndy Cmyth



The painting was a spontaneous purchase, helped by the discount code. Purchase was straightforward and tracking/delivery straightforward. Packaging was really good and the painting arrived in perfect condition. We would have liked some direct means of contact (e.g. Email address) for the artist to express our thanks and pleasure.
Sally Fawcitt

Still-life With Pomegranate
Cyndy Cmyth




ALINA V , Spresiano

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