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Demi Lang

United Kingdom

I was born in Shoreditch, London and grew up in Hertfordshire. In 2008, I relocated to a village in Berkshire.

I have always loved to draw, paint and create and art was the subject that I excelled in at school. I studied Graphic Design and went on to be a Graphic Designer/paste-up artist.
Years later I began painting and within a few months I was selling and exhibiting my paintings. My work is bright and realistic; I like it to jump out at the viewer by capturing strong contrasts of shadow and light. My main inspiration is the coast which I visit frequently and I also love to read more ...

Demi Lang has 49 artworks.

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Sunset Silhouettes RESERVED
Demi Lang


Love it!


On the ball, quick to make arrangements, process was done and dusted in a matter of a week.
Natalia F , London

Old Harbour
Demi Lang


It looks stunning in our room and it''s great to have an original painting


Vicki D , Taunton

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