Fizle Sagar

United Kingdom

I am mainly a self-taught artist whose first love was portraits. It was through them that I began to understand how the relationship between the sitter and the painter was often key to capturing a true likeness.

From portraits and people I became interested in bringing the past to life by taking old black and white photographs and instilling them with vibrancy and colour while recreating them on canvas. There was a special poignancy involved in taking commissions particularly if the original photos were very small and perhaps indistinct.

I work with oils, acrylics read more ...

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Reviews from customers who have bought Fizle Sagar's work

My Working Class Hero Is Something To Be
Fizle Sagar


A lovely picture that has great composition, it relates to a time and place when simplicity was what was expected; far from what we see today. This is portrayed so well by Fizle Sagar - I like her work, its as simple as the scenes she portrays but has 100% impact on the eye - a great skill. I have another of her pictures on my wall, it drags my eye every time I walk past it. I look forward to other pieces.


This is the second painting I have bought from Art Gallery, I am delighted with the service, speed of dispatch and communications. A solid service, reliable and 100% efficient. Thank you so much.
Stewart H , Abuja, BFPO 747

Working Class Hero - the Poacher
Fizle Sagar


Fizle Sagar has a natural knack with her art, she is skilful and even though Its a simple painting it has so much detail and a number of messages. The colours flow and reflect the mood of the subject (and his dog). The shapes are organic and compliment the style that Ms Sagar uses. In sum I am delighted with it and can't wait to get it back to house in West Africa - it will be a reminder of home, I only wish I got in earlier to buy some of her other works.


Communications have been great, when I was having trouble changing addresses the 'home team' took over and did it for me.
Stewart H , Abuja, BFPO 747

One More For My Baby
Fizle Sagar


A beautiful painting with a subject matter that is sensitively handled. It's a great addition to our home. We look forward with interest to seeing more work from Fizle Sagar.


Christine P , Daventry

When I Grow Up I Want To Wear Leather
Fizle Sagar


Love it, dirty knees and all! Memories of being stuck in a frilly dress and being told to smile!


Excellent and will use it again
Karen C , Wollerton

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