Kalpana Soanes

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United Kingdom

Kalpana grew up sketching pictures on the sandy shores of East Africa. But this simple existence was short-lived. Her flamboyant drawing style had begun to attract crowds. Naturally, she took commissions. Not for money, just cake, or simply, compliments.

She developed her skills every single day, experimented with new techniques and frequently sketched pictures in public. Spurred on by the interest it generated, Kalpana started selling her artwork at a very young age. She liaised with local businesses and soon her work was scattered all over the world.

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Kalpana Soanes has 100 artworks.
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Shades Of Trust
£275.00 £220.00
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Gentle Beauty
£140.00 £85.00
Offer ends 29-Jan
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Tribal Happiness
£195.00 £70.00
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Spring Blossom
£295.00 £145.00
Offer ends 22-Jan
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Flowers In The Breeze
£295.00 £94.00
Offer ends 29-Jan
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Tribal Celebration
£195.00 £95.00
Offer ends 29-Jan


Great Love


Eternal V


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