Nalini Sharma

United Kingdom

I have been fascinated by art for as long as I can remember. Colours excite me, I love experimenting with them.
I pursued painting as a hobby along with my studies and (software engineer) profession. I am a self-taught artist.
Although I have not attained any formal degree in art, I enjoy creating various art forms like murals, madhubani art, temple art, metal embossing, oil painting, sketching, ceramic art, clay art and mixed media.
I believe one's art is his/her reflection. It helps me transfer my thoughts to a visible medium.
I was born in India and grew up admiring read more ...

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Nalini Sharma



I found thier system and customer service frustrating. The computer system does not hold the items one puts in the basket. If you add a piece from your wishlist to the basket it is gone from both places as you wait for an artist to enter the required info needed to have it mailed to the States.
If the artist doesn’t bother to do his part, as was the case of Shane Clifton, who apparently wasn’t interested in selling his art and did not bother himself to say so, you have to search the art

Deborah Martin , Nashville TN

Three Friends
Nalini Sharma


Love the picture!! Perfect .....


Love ArtGallery.... now supplying the whole family with original pieces!!
Lynn S , Milton Keynes

Nalini Sharma


It's a beautiful painting. We have hung this in our living room and it really makes a statement


Rajat C , London

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