Peter Cross

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United Kingdom

I started painting water colours and pen and ink pictures nearly 40 years ago, since then I have changed the art I am drawn to creating, now I focus almost entirely on abstract imagery. My pictures are created in many different ways, using techniques that I am able to glean from various presentations. I scour the internet for the work of other artists and attend exhibitions e.g. the RA Summer Exhibition to draw inspiration from the works presented. My ambition is alway the next painting as it will, I hope, be better than all my previous work.

Peter Cross has 52 artworks.

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All that glistens
Peter Cross


Very happy, brightens up a dull room


Great experience, ease of use and expedient service
Product : Very happy, brightens up a dull room


Red-Blue Fluid 2
Peter Cross



Fantastic opportunity to purchase original art at a reasonable cost !
Phillips Joanna

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