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My art shares my joy of life, optimism and creative spirit with you. There is a close relationship between positive images and our emotions; this is why positive images have the power to make you feel better. Simply said, being around artworks you love promotes your well-being.

My work focuses predominantly on semi abstract, vibrant landscapes. It is a reflection of nature, passion to create, emotion to reveal feelings which are often impossible to express in words.

I’m seduced by the beauty of views, and experience deeper connection with my environment. With my read more ...

Ria Janta-Cooper has 81 artworks.
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Abstract British Landscapes #6 - A Rural Scene 50 x 40 cm (2016)
£245.00 £189.00
Offer ends 6-Dec
47% off!

Abstract British Landscapes #4 - A Sunset
£245.00 £129.00
Offer ends 6-Dec
33% off!

Moana - In the Spirit of Aloha
£225.00 £150.00
Offer ends 6-Dec
39% off!

Walking in Thirsk
£245.00 £150.00
Offer ends 6-Dec
68% off!

El Pacifico - The Peaceful Ocean
£299.00 £95.00
Offer ends 6-Dec

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