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Based in Estonia Roman is mostly a self taught artist but was taught very much by his father - professional artist in addition to art courses. His paintings are self-work. He likes to work with oil and acrylic on canvas being inspired with the nature and old Tallinn and loves to try different styles. His first works were inspired very much by the works of famous impressionism style French artists.
"For me every painting is some kind of a breakthrough, new experience, new understanding. Inside of me there many images that I want to tell and how I want to show. I love this process, love read more ...

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Abstract - cityscape
Roman Sleptsuk


It's what I expected and good value for money.


The picture I purchased corresponded with the online image, which was good, and I'm satisfied with my purchase. I didn't realise it was coming from Estonia - not a problem - just I thought it was a UK product and therefore didn't realise I had to wait for it to be air-freighted!
Product : It's what I expected and good value for money.


sounds of the street
Roman Sleptsuk


I love this piece - it stood out from the rest of the artist's portfolio as perhaps a more personal piece, whereas his other work struck me as a series of studies-in-style of his favourite artists... maybe...
Either way; I see so many things in this particular piece that I'm very happy that it's my first personal purchase from this site.


Second time I've bought from here and - as then - I'm really happy with the service.
I had no expectations as to when the piece would arrive but it did so in good time - maybe 14 days, which, from overseas, pleased me.
It was securely packaged; certificate of authenticity in good order etc. etc.
Not only, but of course I'm really happy with the piece itself; can't say why but it just struck me; compared with the rest of the artist's work, to me this seemed perhaps more personal. Eit

Ross Owens

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