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I always believed in freedom of expression. That's how I got into trouble in life many times, mostly in high school and university, since they are centered to cancel all critical thinking.

I was always questioning things, and found myself standing alone, time and time again (I never regret it) . I will be like this, until the end, with no chance of change. I will protect my freedom of questioning and expressing, as well as others freedom. With critical thinking, I mean questioning, but without hurting other people, or trying to enforce my opinions, or way of thinking.
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Girl with a nose piercing
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Fallout 2077
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Happy cups
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Fairyland, abstract
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The golden quiver - larger canvas
Sara Naglic Curis


Pport quality are work. Need actioning as already suggested.


Although it is a good initiative by art gallery. It is worth if they inspect some of the art work randomly for quality checks and list only those who do quality work with quality materials.

This can help promote good artists and protect the people who purchased art work online.
Product : Pport quality are work. Need actioning as already suggested.


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