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I was born in 1992, in a small country In Europe (Slovenia).

When I was little,
I was always very curious, and kept asking all sorts of questions. Well, that never stopped, I still do.

I guess painting is a very good form of asking questions, and also answering them. Questions about, what we feel, what is the meaning of life, what is beautiful, what interesting, what challenges us, and so on..

I just started painting more seriously, in the past 3 years. I have always liked to create and express long before that, but never took it too seriously, due to read more ...

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The golden quiver - larger canvas
Sara Naglic Curis


Pport quality are work. Need actioning as already suggested.


Although it is a good initiative by art gallery. It is worth if they inspect some of the art work randomly for quality checks and list only those who do quality work with quality materials.

This can help promote good artists and protect the people who purchased art work online.
Product : Pport quality are work. Need actioning as already suggested.


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