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United Kingdom

I was born in the North of England to a very loving family, a community of hard working industrial people. When times were hard I would always feel the need to hide away and capture my thoughts down on paper. Constantly thinking, finding it hard to sleep, always having my sketch book hidden away and taking it wherever I went, even under my bed, a creative mind at work, I would eventually put these thoughts down on paper, ready for the next day when I would begin to paint.

There is not a day goes by that I don’t put pen, pencil to paper, I like to capture movement, emotion, read more ...

Wendy Thompson has 59 artworks.

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Hiding amongst the reeds
Wendy Thompson


Brilliant picture, 5 stars says it all


Delivery as promised, as usual
Product : Brilliant picture, 5 stars says it all

Lisa Mellard

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