Diane Griffiths

by Gordon Smith 20. November 2017 15:47

Essentially a landscape artist, abstracts, flora and animals also feature in my work. During my early schooldays I was encouraged to develop a perceived talent in art, a subject I then studied throughout GCSE and A-levels.

However at university I had to consider my career and studied Media and Business, then moving to London to work within the Media Industry. Now based in Kent and whilst holding down a full-time job in London, my world of art has exploded after having many exhibitions in Kent and East Sussex over 2008 and now in 2009 continues to grow strongly.

My Painting: The landscapes I paint are based on places I have been; I use experience and memories as my starting point, however I am fascinated by pushing the contours of a beautiful landscape into the whimsical and the truly magical.

I don't try to re-create images, photography is more than apt at doing that, but push the scene a little further with the imagination. Although I like to try many different styles I feel that Impressionism has always been the strongest influence in my work.

I am a very visual person; nothing gives me more satisfaction than colour, shape, texture and light. I am constantly amazed by the power of colour, how different it can look depending light and adjacent colours. It isn't about representation; it's about so much more.

To me painting is escapism; it allows real thinking time away from the grindstone. I will finish some paintings faster than others when my thoughts are racing, my brush keeps pace. Alternatively it can be a time to let my brain slow down, my focus can turn fully to the painting and I will shut everything else out.

I couldn't say if one state of mind achieves better than the other, it's all emotion and it's all part of life. Once I have signed the painting, I know I am not allowed to touch it with a paintbrush again. The perfectionist inside me would quite simply never want to stop.

My Art: I aim to inspire the resources of your mind and achieve a genuine moment of 100% attention. If you find that I have interrupted your world, even if only for that single moment, then I will be satisfied. To me art is about giving something magical to the viewer; shapes, colours and textures all spark off the imagination, the brain and senses are stimulated, prompting emotions way beyond the visual representation.

It's about appetite, stimulation, fascination, and infatuation. No two brush strokes can ever be the same, no two paintings will ever match, and that is my inspiration."

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Malvern Theatre - Christmas and New Year Exhibition -- 27 Nov 2017-13 Jan 2018

by Humph Hack 3. November 2017 14:19

What makes a painting worth $450 million? The simple answer is that at least 2 very rich people decided they wanted to own it. This may have been largely because it was now considered to be by Leonardo da Vinci rather than the painting itself was so good. After all, a few weeks ago, before experts decided it was by Leonardo, it was probably only worth a few thousand. The rather sad thing, is that the undisclosed new owner will probably have to store it in a bank vault to protect the investment, unless they are already surrounded by a team of security guards 24 hours a day. Either way it may be lost from public view.

Art should be enjoyed all day every day, not just by the owner but by friends, family and casual visitors. Paintings don’t have to be “silly” prices to be enjoyable. Many Christmas presents appeal lasts a very short time if you eat or drink it. If you wear it, perhaps a few weeks, but a painting lasts throughout the lifetime of the owner and beyond. Paintings make great presents. The new show at Malvern Theatres has 3 artists whose styles ae so different, you need look no further for that special gift – all at affordable prices.

Sue Mann who is based in the Swansea area is a professionally trained painter who finds working outside the most stimulating. She often uses her bicycle easel to gain access to out of reach locations. She has recently found it very stimulating to take part in “Plein Air” competitions, gaining a handful of prizes and invitations to media appearances. Her style may be best described as drawing inspiration from the Impressionists.

John Penney works from his studio in Shropshire. For over 25 years he has been an artist/craftsman - producing and selling both his paintings and his own wooden furniture. He calls his highly detailed style, "Magical Realism" to describe his mix of genres. He uses complex composition, vivid colour, and often exaggerated perspective, to create drama and mood - often in a slightly surreal "dreamscape" format.

Fiona Robinson’s works do sometimes have recognisable elements, but in truth, all are just an excuse to revel in experiments in colour and texture. The end results have a largely abstract appeal. Fiona, who only started painting seriously recently, hails from Gornal in the Black Country. She hopes to leave her part-time job at some time in the future to paint full-time.

All three artists have many more works on show on this gallery. Jusy click on a name or a painting to see more.

The exhibition runs from Monday 27 November to Saturday 13 January. Early visitors get the best choice.


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