New Exhibition at The Malvern Theatres - June 2011

by Claire Mitchell 30. May 2011 10:20 are pleased to welcome three new artists to our exhibition at The Malvern Theatres.

Viola McPhail

Viola McPhail, known also as McVayo, was born in Central Europe. From a young age she was exposed to different cultures of both Eastern and Western Europe. She travelled extensively admiring the architecture, traditions and the beauty of the natural environment, taking numerous photographs during her travels.

Later, she visited Australia and North Africa. Her inspiration comes from the vibrancy of hot climates and Mediterranean cultures. Her work portrays her memories of images from her voyages.She creates vivid compositions working with mixed media and vibrant acrylics, often enriched by gold and textural collage.

The works on show at Malvern are intensely personal and romantic. The richness of colour, texture and pattern attracts attention wherever her work is exhibited. You can see all of Viola’s work here.

Julie Bond

Julie’s interest lies in the beauty and complexity of nature. She has studied the natural sciences and the humanities and is fascinated in the way in which nature somehow seems to conform to certain mathematical patterns. The portrayal of light as is plays upon a subject; the energy of a living organism – these motivate and inform her work.

Her highly skilled paintings use traditional methods; building up richness through the application of layers of transparent glazes. Her portrayal of horses is particularly impressive. Her recent decision to paint full-time is sure to be successful. Click here to visit Julie’s gallery.

Gill Stokes
After studying Fine-Art, Gill went on to train as a primary school teacher, still painting and drawing in what little spare time she could find. She is now painting full time, and has had several solo exhibitions as well as exhibiting with local art societies. She paints mostly in Oils but sometimes in Acrylics. She is fascinated by the natural world and the way that the changing light alters the scene.

She likes to draw and paint outside whenever possible, but it is often more practical to make sketches and photographs and complete the painting in the studio.

Gill’s work is on a domestic scale. Owners of her paintings find that they bring a touch of the beauty of nature to their daily lives. You can find all of Gill’s work here.









Iconic Portraits Exhibition at The Art Gallery, Tetbury

by Claire Mitchell 9. May 2011 14:57

The Art Gallery welcomes a host of new artists to our gallery in the picturesque Cotswold town of Tetbury.

For more information on The Art Gallery, Tetbury click here.



Ed Chapman
Ed Chapman is a contemporary UK artist specialising in ceramic mosaics. In his instantly recognisable style the artist achieves incredibly detailed results, painstakingly creating his subjects using thousands of fragments of ceramic tile. A largely self-taught artist based in the North-West of the UK, Ed began creating mosaic works over a decade ago, fascinated with bringing a contemporary twist to an ancient medium. He became a professional artist in 2001. Originally he worked with paper, creating a series of portrait mosaics, whilst at the same time experimenting with cityscapes. Looking for a new challenge, Ed moved on to glass, metal, and ceramic tile, eventually settling on the latter as his medium of choice. Influenced by artists such as Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jamie Reid, Ed also finds inspiration for his works in the music of bands like the Sex Pistols and The Doors, as well as in everyday articles such as magazines and televised images. The artist is also available to commission and can create personal portraits from life or photography. Ed’s work has been featured in a number of publications including 'Diana in Art' (Mem Mehmet), Expression Magazine (USA), Art of England Magazine, and The Daily Mail, together with BBC television and radio. You can view his gallery here.

Alison Johnson
Alison originally from Sheffield, she moved down to the Midlands 6 years ago and now lives in Kenilworth, She gained a BA Hons degree at Sheffield University and is also a qualified nurse. Her work reflects experiences, which explores the power of nature and layers of inter-connectivity; anatomy and mortality; and the fragility of life. She loves to create work that is decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural. Alison layers her paint, building gestural marks. The Impressionists used the technique to create optical colour mixes –look at a close-up of a Monet’s“Haystack”.Shape, line, and tonal values of colour create an effect beyond the façade. Her work is not limited to one particular subject although landscapes do dominate her work. Her favourite tools are palette knives, trowels and scrapers and large brushes she prefers working in acrylic and/or oil paints but works in ink and watercolours are not rare. Colour preferences change as colours affects her mood and her mood influences her choice of colours. When people look at her work, she likes to give them the possibility of seeing everyday things through a new perspective. She currently has permanent exhibitions of her work at various galleries around the Midlands: Where I fell in l love Leamington Spa, Art and Wine Warwick, Torquil Gallery Henley in Arden. She has been selected for numerous open exhibitions and won the RADFAS award at the Rugby Open exhibition 2009. You can view her gallery here.




Paresh Nrshinga
Within the wild, exotic and mystic beauty of Africa, the spirit of an artist was born. Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya and at a young age he moved to the UK. After numerous years of extensive travels he is now based in Radlett, Hertfordshire. From early childhood, Nrshinga was already absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions onto his sketchbooks. His travels around the world combined with his deep spirituality influence his unique paintings, which are masterpieces of original and exceptional talent. Inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso, Nrshinga’s paintings reflect his flirtation with abstract expressionism. When viewing Nrshinga’s work, the spectator can immediately perceive how strongly the artist expresses his feelings, memories and struggles. Through his passion for music he developed a unique flair of transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour and movement - thus, creating the most vibrant visual effects. Nrshinga is a versatile and perceptive painter. His brushstrokes are free and spontaneous, concentrating on texture, gesture and ecriture. He delivers an edge through the recreation of the medium of paint and the exploration of new fields of colour and abstraction. His paintings are an adventure of self-discovery. Nrshinga has exhibited widely in galleries in France, Italy and across the UK. His paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of emotions and colours. You can view his gallery here.










Natalie Toplass & Rumen Dragiev on exhibition at The Knapp Gallery, London

by Claire Mitchell 22. April 2011 11:29
Two of's premier artists are currently on exhibition at The Knapp Gallery, Regents College, London ;

Natalie Toplass
Born in Cheshire and now living in Shropshire Natalie graduated from the University of Central Lancashire and later specialised in Stage Set Design at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Since 2004 she has been working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, and has had a number of well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain Influences Natalie’s paintings create an impact of emotion and atmosphere direct in their manipulation of texture, light and darkness. Her work is often described as photorealistic but her interest is more with colour and richness of texture. The scale of her work is an important feature providing a fresh view of a common subject. “My painting process is related to the luminosity between layers, the subject is just the starting point for an abstract study of transparency and form.” You can view all of Natalie’s work here.



Rumen Dragiev
Rumen developed an interest in fine arts and attended art classes from an early age. He’s Bulgarian born, but left at the country at the age of 30 and moved to South Africa, Pretoria where he spent many years. Seven years ago he made another move to London were he now lives. Not convinced that the arts could support him in the future, he pursued other career, but painting remained his passion. His goal is to create aesthetically pleasing pictures that will brighten a mood. His style is very colourful and energetic. He found that by using the palette knife as his only tool while painting gave his oil paintings new life. Techniques include, big strokes created with palette knives, extreme texture with heavy paints, All the paintings displayed here, done predominately in oil paint, are original and unique pieces of art. I work on Abstract paintings of flowers, landscapes and fantasy-inspired paintings, taking inspiration from both the world outside and the images in his mind. The materials he uses are good artists quality and all his work is finished to a high standard. You can view all of Rumen’s work here.








New Exhibition at The Malvern Theatres - April-May 2011

by Claire Mitchell 22. April 2011 11:05 welcomes three new artists to our exhibition space at The Malvern Theatres, Worcestershire...

Piotr Sochacki

Piotr is a Polish-born artist who comes from an artistic family. Both his father and younger brother painted. His artistic studies were in Warsaw; achieving his diploma with distinction in 1985.

The thing which strikes the viewer first is the warmth and richness of colour. These pieces are on a domestic scale. The technical competence and beauty of his work is reflected by the fact that Piotr’s paintings have been bought by collectors across Europe and the USA.

He has also been successful in selling to the International Health Care Company, Glaxo Wellcome.

Work in other styles can be seen on his personal webpage.


Melissa Sturgeon

Melissa’s paintings attract attention wherever she shows them. They are carefully observed examples of the most attractive examples of the built environment.

The initial attraction is in the deliberate selection of her colour palette and the rich juiciness of her technique. As the observer is drawn into the picture, the degree of detail impresses. She manages, nevertheless, to produce canvases which don’t overpower the viewer with so much detail that they are unable to stand back and enjoy the whole.

Indeed, you can see people standing very close to take in the detail and then standing back to experience the whole; and then close up again, and so on.

Inspiration is drawn from the UK and other parts of Europe.

Melissa also produces prints of her work which can be bought through the website.


Stuart Dalby

Stuart was trained as a carpet designer but went on to work full-time in Birmingham Art Gallery as Head of Design and Display in 1980, when the carpet manufacturing industry in the UK collapsed. He was painting druinf this time and two of his paintings were chosen for the 2007 Birmingham Open (from a field of thousands of submissions).

He retired in 2009 and now devotes his time to painting.

The paintings in this show are connected to the sea, either in its romantic form or akin to the picture postcards posted home to friend and family while on holiday on the coast. The latter have a quirky jokiness which brings a smile to all who see them.

Other of his works in a totally different style can be seen on his webpage.













"Iconic Images" exhibition gets BBC stamp of approval!

by Claire Mitchell 14. April 2011 14:22

Peter Mason's iconic portraits, that are currently on display in The Art Gallery, Tetbury have caught the eye of the national media.
Each piece of his artwork is made up of hundreds of recycled postage stamps which are used to create some of the most recognisable faces in the world.  It appears that Peter Mason’s work has got the stamp of approval from the BBC who are currently featuring his unique images of the Royal Family collection on their website.
For more information, or to see the artwork for yourself call 01666 505 152 or visit The Art Gallery, Spencer House, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8AQ.













New Exhibition at The Malvern Theatres - March-April 2011

by Claire Mitchell 6. March 2011 21:11
This month's exhibition at The Malvern Theatres features the work of the following three artists;
Rumen Dragiev
Rumen is Bulgarian born, but lived in South Africa for many years, before moving to London 7 years ago. His style is colourful and energetic. His richly abstract works are produced entirely with the palette knife. His inspiration comes both from the natural world and from within his imagination. Colours explode from the canvas. Rumen's physicality in using his materials make his paintings extremely exciting. You will see very few works painted with more vigour.

Humph Hack
Humph studied Fine Art at Birmingham College of Art before teaching in High Schools in both Birmingham and Worcestershire.
While at school he had planned to become an architect but changed his mind in favour of pursuing his interest in two-dimensional art forms. He is a keen traveler and photographer. His travels across Europe and his continuing interest in architecture have led to regular public selling exhibitions, but the paintings in this exhibition use as their inspiration the interior of Worcester Cathedral.
His style, drawing from the works of many European painters, seeks to extract the dominant elements of a building, to revel in the quality of materials from which it is built and to present paintings which evoke the feelings of the observer when faced with “great architecture”.
Humph's work is in the Circle Bar.

Alison Chambers
Alison lives and paints in Malvern, but as you will see from her work, she gains inspiration from her travels much further-afield.
“Travels abroad often provide inspiration for my work; I am drawn towards structures and form (including the human form) with recent work focusing on cityscapes. I am also interested in reflections and the suggestion of interior lives (behind windows, around corners in narrow streets) – what we don’t see clearly, but we know, or think that we know is there.
I paint mainly in oils and prefer to work on a fairly large scale. My work is figurative but not literal; aiming to capture the essence of what interested me in the subject rather than to describe it literally.”
Alison has exhibited regularly with an artists' co-operative in Worcestershire, and in a variety of other venues.
Her commissioned work is held in a number of private collections.
She was successful in exhibiting in the Open Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and in the Society of Women Artists’ Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, also in London.
Her closely observed Landscapes and cityscapes are a joy!









New Facebook App for

by Claire Mitchell 7. February 2011 11:36 now has its very own Facebook App!

This application allows Facebook users to share New British Art and to view highlights of To view this new app click here






New Exhibition at The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park - February/March 2011

by Claire Mitchell 7. February 2011 10:53 are pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition at the Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, London. This exhibition features the work of two of our artists:  

Blanka Ciok is a young Polish woman with a lot to say about what matters in life and how individuals can relate to others but so often remain isolated.

The prints in this exhibition are partly inspired by conversations and theories around philosophy, the theory of existence and axiology. They reflect human melancholy and the isolation of the individual but they are also concerned with the passing of time.

Her techniques include state of the art lambda print technology, photography and digital image processing. Despite the contemporary nature of these techniques, her artworks are enriched with symbolism that contains art historical references.

Each of the prints evoke a dream-like surreal quality utilizing  subtly muted ink tones to strengthen a sense of drama.

The highly professional presentation of each print adds to the feeling that you are looking at something really very special.


Frank Pudney is a Fine Artist with a First Class Honours Degree from Norwich College of Art and Design, where he originally trained in illustration.

He now lives and works in London and Brighton. His main works are in oil, the original works of which he exhibits and sells regularly, also selling prints of his work within the U.K. and internationally.

Much of his work has been inspired by his travels around the world as well as his reflections on those times when the dream of travel is all he has had.

He has exhibited in galleries in Hull, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and several galleries in London, as well as in  New Zealand, Italy, Denmark, the USA and Shanghai.

He has produced illustrative work for a variety of publications including the artwork for the book cover of ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ by Andrew Motion, Poet Laureate.


For more information on the Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, click here.







Latest Exhibition at Malvern Theatres for January-February 2011

by Claire Mitchell 19. January 2011 20:34


This exhibition showcases the talents of eight different artists. The work ranges from the traditional local landscapes of Christopher Hughes to the very tactile floral images of Tracy Jolly, with pretty well everything in style and price in-between. Three of the artists, Hester Coetzee, Claire Barone and Joanna Beal are amongst the top-ten best sellers from the on-line gallery
Visitors to the theatre will also see delicate works by Lesley Blackburn, striking prints by Andrea Moore and the richly colourful work of Alison Johnson. In short, there is something for everyone. All these artists have many more examples of their work on the website.
The most traditional is the work of Christopher Hughes. His training as a painter in the Royal Worcester factory, way before almost all production was sent abroad, shows a concern for detail that is a positive delight. His Malvern Hills works are renowned.  
At the other end of the artistic spectrum are juicy floral works by Tracy Jolly. Her technique, using acrylic and mixed media, literally jump of the canvas. She is a young and upcoming artist of whom you will hear more.  

Alison Johnson has exhibited at Malvern before. The pieces she is showing this time are somewhat larger, richer and have already attracted a lot of interest.  


The next three artists, Claire Barone, Joanna Beal and Hester Coetzee sell their works almost as quickly as they can paint them. Claire’s work is highly decorative and akin to free-form textile designs. Joanna has developed a style reminiscent of Vetriano’s work, yet entirely personal. Umbrellas play a large part in many of her works – set, it seems, at some time in the past. Hester continues to amaze in the brilliance of the colours which her works employ. Her subject matter varies but there is always a celebration of life and living.





There are two other artists represented. Andrea Moore is showing two limited edition prints; two dimensional presentations of very colourful low relief sculptures which have a strong structural quality. Lesley Blackburn is returning to the theatre. This time she is showing works which are altogether gentler than any other work on show.  






In total there are 37 works on show, on two floors in the theatre until 27 February, seven days a week from early ‘till late.











Avoid the new VAT increase here at

by Claire Mitchell 4. January 2011 17:27
The rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20% that came into effect from 4th January 2011 WILL NOT affect the price of artwork here at We will be absorbing this increase so we can continue to offer original art at affordable prices.


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