Latest Exhibition at Malvern Theatres - December-January 2010/11

by Claire Mitchell 11. December 2010 16:36
Our new exhibition at The Malvern Theatres features the work of three landscape artists: ;

Anthony Bridge

Anthony Bridge’s work is rooted in the landscape around Malvern. He is to be seen most days, come hell or high-water (even snow), out with his easel and paints on and around the hills recording the ever changing patterns of season, weather and atmospheric conditions in the Impressionist “Plein Air” tradition. Painting outdoors was made feasible only after the availability of paint in tubes. The introduction of a product called a Pochade Box, made working outdoors even easier. This miniature portable studio became very popular throughout the 18th and 19th century - particularly with artists such as Turner and Constable. It was a practical way of being able to seek out new places and challenges and then transfer them back to the larger canvas in the artist studio. In spite of the obvious advantages, the Pochade Box became less popular, until in the 1980s when it was taken up again by a number of artists. Anthony is one of this group of artists who produce excitingly fresh work. Anthony is still only young yet already his style has developed and matured. He is collected across the UK. You can see more of his work here.


Carrie May

Carrie May honed her artistic skills at the Royal College of Art. Her work is deceptively simple, but closer scrutiny rewards the viewer with a richness similar to that to be seen in the work of artists like Mark Rothko. However in Carrie’s work the stimulus is tied to landscape and the scale is human rather than monumental. A Rothko would be difficult to live with, even if you could get it through the door. Carrie’s work would add an extra dimension to any home. She is just only starting out on her artistic journey. We will all hear a lot more of Carrie in the future. You can see more of her work here.



Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson’s work evokes landscape rather than records it. The haze, the smoke, the mistiness and richness of the colours she uses to create her work gives the viewer the opportunity to decide exactly what is being portrayed. The bonus is that each day a different painting hangs on the wall. Are there figures or is the city deserted? Are the buildings occupied or in ruin? Are we looking at a contemporary scene or something from the ancient past. The viewer decides! Her work has been shown in numerous galleries across the Midlands, but this is the first time her work has been to Malvern Theatre. More of her work can be seen on her personal page on the site.








Christmas Delivery Arrangements

by Claire Mitchell 7. December 2010 13:28
Please find details here on our Christmas delivery arrangements to ensure you receive your artwork and gift vouchers in time for Christmas: ;

1. Artwork & Photos on Canvas: Please order by 10pm on Monday 20 December to give our artists the best chance to deliver for Christmas. This applies to UK deliveries only.

2. Gift Vouchers: Order by 10pm on Wednesday 22 December for us to ask Royal Mail, by special delivery, a voucher in a presentation card by Christmas. This applies to UK deliveries only.

3. Gift Vouchers by email: Order by 5pm on Christmas Eve and we will send you an email gift voucher.



The Art Gallery

by Claire Mitchell 1. December 2010 18:50 are delighted to announce the opening of our new high street gallery in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold town of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. The Art Gallery is housed over two floors in Spencer House, a splendid Georgian property just 100 yards from Prince Charles’ famous Highgrove shop.
We do hope you get the chance to visit us to view our wide range of high quality, affordable art. We will be welcoming all visitors, whether you want to browse or buy. We are looking to create a friendly, relaxed place for you to select the perfect artwork for your home or office. Click here for a map.
The current exhibition at The Art Gallery includes work by the following artists:
Natalie Toplass
Since 2004 Natalie has been working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, and has had a number of well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain. Natalie’s paintings create an impact of emotion and atmosphere direct in their manipulation of texture, light and darkness. Her work is often described as photorealistic but her interest is more with colour and richness of texture.

 Mike Bell
After teaching & Lecturing in Art & Design for 30 years Mike took early retirement 10years ago to concentrate on his Painting . Since then he has exhibited in many Galleries including The Biscuit Factory, Laing ,& Hatton Galleries in Newcastle and also at Artco Leeds. His work is mainly mixed media, using many materials to create a strong textured surface on the canvas. His inspirations mainly come from the wild Northumbrian coast where he lived for 25years & now from the wild Borders region of hills lakes. 

 Jean Lagadec
Jean Lagadec’s artistic interest was nurtured in the 50’s, amongst the art and jazz communities on the Left Bank. His work is now recognised & selling internationally. His modern creations, mainly based on classical mythological beings express a transcendental vision of abstracted beauty. The viewer must decipher abstract forms which, once the simple lines & hint of shadows are combined, crystallise into clearly defined images.

 Rumen Dragiev
Bulgarian born Rumen Dragiev developed an early interest in fine arts and attended art classes. Rumen’ aims to create aesthetically pleasing pictures that will brighten a mood. His style is very colorful and energetic. 

 Paul Allen
Paul Allen is a Sculptor. He works from his home studio in the medieval town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. His work is mainly figurative and expressionist in content. Paul finds that the figure is an ideal medium for expression, and just the slightest adjustment in the fingers or tweak of the pose can make all the difference in the expression of the final piece.

Charles Wilmot
Charles Willmott, although for the most part self-taught, studied originally at the Birmingham College of Art. He works from his studio attached to his home in Herefordshire, the rural heart of England, where he lives with his wife Susie. As a contemporary figurative realist he prepares graphite & charcoal studies before painting in oils.

 Victoria Horken
Victoria’s work has become a much valued accessory and can be seen in large contemporary living spaces, hotels and interior magazines. Her work has featured alongside the most dominant modern masters of our time and is fast becoming a recognisable artist amongst her contemporaries. Exhibiting overseas, on the BBC1 website as well as in the homes of the rich and famous. She is sought after by interior designers and private collectors alike and is currently exhibiting in Leeds, West Yorkshire.



Joanna Beal
Joanna is a young artist and architecture student. She graduated from the Manchester school of Architecture in July 2010 with a 1st class (Hons) degree in Architecture. As much as she is passionate about architecture and devoted to her studies, Art has, and always will be her first love.











The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park - New Exhibition for November 2010

by Claire Mitchell 7. November 2010 17:10

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition at The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park featuring the work of Simon Fairless and Elaine Alderson.

Simon Fairless
Simon’s art comes in a variety of styles and is a reflection of feelings and special places that have caught his imagination and stirred strong emotions inside him. Often they're about the feeling of how beautiful the landscape around us is or an emotional response to people and circumstance. Each painting and photograph has its own story to tell and they mean a lot to him. Simon hopes that everyone gets a little something for themselves out of his art, and in a way that's another story personal to them.

Elaine Alderson
Elaine trained in Fine Art at Sunderland College of Art. She did Theatre Design at Slade School of Art Worked in theatre and education then had full-time employment in BBC Scenic Art Dept. Elaine developed her own paintings both studio and private commissions for murals and garden landscapes. Her TV work includes scenic artwork for EastEnders, This Morning, Paul O'Grady, Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, Ab Fab, Blue Peter and many Period Dramas. Retail work includes Harrods and Selfridges Christmas windows over many years and display for Disney shops. Film work includes Run Fat Boy Run, Goal Life and Death of Peter Sellars and The Queen. Elaine has displayed her work at many events including Nicky Haslam Party, Earls Court Boat Show Party Represented by the Russell Gallery Putney, most recently in Christmas Show, Affordable Art Fair and Chelsea Art Fair.


As always, the works of a selection of talented students from the Royal Academy Schools are also on display at our exhibition.  




The Malvern Theatres - New Exhibition for November 2010

by Claire Mitchell 29. October 2010 09:04

This month welcomes three new artists to our exhibition space at the Malvern Theatres.

Marilene Salles

Marilene was born in Brazil and has painted since the age of nine, encouraged by her mother’s own painting and interest in art. She went on to study Fine Art at UEMA (The University of Maranhão in North Eastern Brazil).

She was based for several years close to the beach at Porto Seuro on the South Atlantic coast, where she had her own gallery, taking her inspiration from the varied and beautiful wildlife of the area.

Her interest in a wide range of art and artists led her first to Spain in 2006, then to France. She exhibited and sold her work in both countries. The decision to visit Europe was linked to her desire to experience different cultures as well as continuing her study of art; the inspiration gained leading to experiments in the style and content of her own work. She currently lives and works in London.

She produces work whose subject matter varies, to include fish, cats and loving couples. All Marilene’s work have in common, a freshness of colour, a lightness of touch and a quirky jokiness. To own a “Salles” is to wake up every morning with a smile.


Nick Andrew


Nick Andrew studied Art and Graphic Design in Oxford, London and Cheltenham. He moved to Wiltshire after graduating in 1979. Since then he has been working as a painter and has exhibited widely, throughout the UK, mainland Europe, and the USA.

Nick's home and studio are part of a watermill on the upper reaches of the River Wylye in South Wiltshire, where he lives with his wife, Kate (also an artist) and their daughter. Most of these paintings are based on the landscape within walking distance.

The titles of Nick’s beautifully atmospheric and glowing landscapes are deliberately ambiguous; chosen to encourage curiosity, to heighten the sense of mystery adding to the enjoyment of the painting. They are the result of research into particular features or events in and around the locality. The origin of the words might be Old English, Latin, Other Old Languages or combinations of such words. Sometimes he uses Latin plant names and animal classifications.

Nick’s work hangs in many public and private collections, including the Houses of Parliament, Royal London Hospital, P+O, Weetabix, Prudential Assurance, St Bartholemew's Hospital, Scottish Equitable.



Stephen Conroy

It was some time after leaving Wimbledon Art School, where Stephen studied Sculpture, that he discovered his true forte; not sculpture but painting. This process, nevertheless, took over twenty years.

The outward complexity of his work disguises the fact that it is created from the most basic of elements; rectangles, circles, triangles and lines. Into this apparent simple mix Stephen adds his love of pure, bright colour and the finished painting becomes much more than the sum of its parts.

The richness of his work, both in the colours chosen and the complex elements of balanced forms within the painting, are the result of an intuitive process in which Stephen’s emotions and instincts guide the decisions to add and remove shapes and colours.

He feels that much of his formal art education, rather than unlocking his talent served rather to inhibit his artistic development. He has returned, with joy, to that time in childhood when we all got so much pleasure from ‘playing’ with shapes and colours.









The Malvern Theatres - New Exhibition for September-October 2010

by Claire Mitchell 17. September 2010 09:26 are pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition at The Malvern Theatres featuring three talented artists.

Nick Maitland

Nick exhibits his paintings in public exhibitions on a regular basis and has work in private collections throughout the UK and abroad. His paintings - primarily in oils - explore landscape, light, colour and form combining abstraction and representation. His work has often been inspired by his love of orchestral music and poetry and he makes regular treks into the countryside and around the coastlines of Britain drawing, photographing and collecting imagery and ideas. He accepts commissions based on themes within this area but is also an experienced portrait painter working on sittings of individuals, groups and animals.

He has been an artist-in-residence at Wellington College and has taught art and design in a variety of schools in the UK. He currently lives, paints and teaches in Oxford. His emotionally charged paintings have often been likened to the later works of JMW Turner.


Judith Gait

Judith studied Fine Art in America, Italy and latterly in England.

Her subject matter has changed over the years and although she still produces portraits and political pieces she now produces still-lifes and landscapes. The works in this exhibition represent but a small part of her output.

Judith uses a mixture of media to bring out the colour and texture of her landscapes in a way that is both subtle and expressive and cannot be achieved solely through oil or pastel.

Her still-lifes have a monumental and timeless quality which is unique. The apparent simplicity of these works belies the depth of emotion within them. The viewer who gives them more than a superficial look, is rewarded by a surprising depth.

Judith uses her artistic talent working with adults in a local addiction support centre, The Drugs and Homeless Initiative.

Her work is held in many collections worldwide and has also been sold to celebrities such as film director Robin Hardy (“the Wickerman”).


Thomas Dowdeswell

Thomas shows his work in galleries in London and across the country. The apparent chaos of the angular shapes and striking colours in his painting start to generate familiar figurative forms after longer inspection.
The images in these paintings continue a long running theme of his work; the robotic nature of the 21st century human; the struggle for individuality in the gadget / celebrity age. This work draws its core inspiration from the early Twentieth Century British art movement known as Vorticism.
 Within this movement he found a classification of art and everyday life which made sense to him; all creative form being a vivid exploration into the most primary projection of what is possible or as Ezra Pound suggests, "to convey an emotion by means of an arrangement of shapes, or planes, or colours".
He aims to deconstruct common everyday interactions between groups of individuals until the emotions and conversations pouring forth are represented by striking, definite lines made even bolder by the use of the most vivid colours and the purest pigments.
These large scale works are depictions of scenes of social and interpersonal unrest.








The Knapp Gallery, Regents Park - New Exhibition for September 2010

by Claire Mitchell 1. September 2010 19:47

This September is delighted to welcome two of its premier artists to the Knapp Gallery exhibition in Regents Park.

Mick Rafferty
Mick Rafferty’s work is best described as eclectic. He regards it as a challenge to work within a variety of subjects, approaches and media whilst maintaining a consistency and a workable systematic and stylistic formula. Recent paintings exploiting the physicality of pourable paints, (Gravitas and Gravity Series) have been completed within the last three years. Beaucoup de Parfums is one such piece. All of these paintings are carried out with commercial gloss paints. The consistency and "pourability" of such paint render it the only medium suitable for the subject and content of these works. These pieces explore behaviour and consequence.
Mick Rafferty has exhibited in 25 locations in the UK, half of these One Man Shows, at locations including University of Warwick, Coventry University, Upton House; Poole and Leamington Spa.

 Paul Shiers
Paul Shiers paints predominantly in acrylic on canvas. He is self taught and has been experimenting with paint since he was very young. He finds that the more free his mind is when approaching a new painting, the more interesting and exciting the result is. For Paul, painting is not about creating an image of something, it is about conveying simple emotions on canvas. Colour, form and composition are everywhere in the modern world and sorting out a bad idea from a good one is very difficult, but there is a need to be free in what you create and not to worry about external opinions.






Latest Exhibition at Malvern Theatres - August-September 2010

by Claire Mitchell 13. August 2010 17:34

This month has the pleasure of displaying some beautiful pieces of art work in our latest exhibition at the Malvern Theatres.

Amanda Deadman

Amanda studied art, ceramics, textiles, design and photography from an early age and went on to gain a BA Hons degree in 3D Design and Photography at West Surrey College of Art and Design.
In the early 80's she started gliding and spent most of her time on airfields around the UK and France.  In 1985 she joined the Guild of Aviation Artists and has regularly exhibited with them at the Mall Galleries in London.

She has an ongoing love/addiction for depicting sweets and cakes and a fascination for the changing depth of focus when depicting still life in close up.

Amanda goes where her inspiration takes her however she continues to produce these vividly colourful still life paintings on a constant basis even when her other work is going through a black and white or monochrome phase. 

She works in acrylic on canvas, watercolour, and pastels and also produces digital art and photographs. She has both originals and giclee prints on canvas available.

Amanda has taught watercolours to adults and used to run the ceramics club at an independent school in Buckinghamshire.


Lesley Blackburn

Lesley was born and educated in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She took a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Wakefield School of Arts. There she studied graphics, photography, still life drawing and ceramics. Lesley went on to study fine Art and Sculpture at Winchester school of Art. She spent time in Venice studying Venetian architecture which remains a dominant feature in her work.

She has exhibited her work in a number of galleries since the early 1990's but has achieved most success selling through since joining the gallery over a year ago, becoming one of its best selling artists.

Lesley works mainly in an impressionistic style, almost exclusively in oils but gives a contemporary feel to her work. The landscapes exhibited here represent a small fraction of her output. Visit the website to see more.  


Natalie Toplass


Natalie was born in Cheshire but now lives in Shropshire. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire and later specialised in Stage Set Design at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

Since 2004 she has been working on a series of intricate flower and bird portraits, and has had a number of well received exhibitions throughout Great Britain including in the Judith Blacklock gallery Knightsbridge, two Cork Street galleries in London, the Birmingham City art gallery and the Royal Academy

Natalie’s paintings create an impact of emotion and atmosphere directly with the viewer, in their manipulation of texture, light and darkness.

Her work is often described as photorealistic but her interest is more with colour and richness of texture. The scale of her work is an important feature providing a fresh view of a common subject.

“My painting process is related to the luminosity between layers, the subject is just the starting point for an abstract study of transparency and form.”




Valerie Fulop

Valeria Fulop lives and works in Bristol. She was born and studied fine art in Hungary, influenced by its rich artistic culture, and history. As a child she started taking private lessons from recognized artists, and had her first solo exhibition at the age of 16.
Her professional education started at Art and Design College before moving on to a BA Degree in graphic design. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, and many of her artworks are in private collections. She started taking commissions for portraits and working as a painter, illustrator and graphic designer in 1998.
She works with various media from oil to digital painting always searching for new ways to express her spiritual views. She is inspired by nature, femininity, spirituality and tends to analyze the subject or model that she is working on. Her main purpose is to find that hidden inner beauty and restructure it within the work. As she mainly works from intuition and expression this will results in various styles and subjects in her work from abstract to figurative.






About Malvern Theatres
Nestling at the foot of the dramatic Malvern hills, Malvern Theatres is a major centre for the arts in the West Midlands. Home of the famous Malvern Festivals, founded by Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson in 1929, the theatre has recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of a £7.2 million refurbishment. Hailed both locally and nationally as a model of artistic and architectural excellence, Malvern Theatres boasts a diverse programme of drama, comedy, music and dance involving the biggest names. It comprises three auditoria: the 800-seat Festival Theatre, famous for its programme of top touring drama and musicals; the Forum Theatre, a flexible space used for concerts and dance, as well as a 400-seat cinema. Visit the Theatre and see this exhibition yourself; you can see what’s on at the Theatres and the cinema here.


Latest Exhibition at Malvern Theatres - July 2010

by Claire Mitchell 28. June 2010 07:26

We are pleased to announce the opening of our latest exhibition at the Malvern Theatres featuring the work of three excellent artists.

Arie Coetzee

“When I dip my brush into paint, I dip it into my soul.” (Amos Langdown – a world renowned South African artist)

Born in 1962, Arie grew up in a small town in South Africa, in a family where art was always visible.

His inspiration is the exuberant colour of yellow wheat fields, blue rolling mountains, the emptiness of the countryside, the wide open skies filled with thunderous summer clouds and the friendly people of South Africa. All this is  visible in his work.

After winning his first art prize in a local art competition at the age of 11, it became a life long dream to be an artist. Throughout his education and later as a teacher, he worked in various painting styles, printing and sculpting to discover the genre in which he would be most comfortable.

After several small exhibitions and displays in local restaurants and shops, he developed a more expressive and impressionistic style. His work, employing emotionally charged thick brushwork, takes inspiration from the simplicity and naivety of Van Gogh, and from Rembrandt’s exquisite use of light and shadow; bright colours streak energetically across the canvas. Some works adopt a calmer, subtler use of colour but the richness of pure pigment and heavy application is often uncontrollable.

Arie has exhibited successfully at Francis Illes Gallery in Rochester and sells steadily on the internet.

Hester Coetzee

Hester Coetzee was born in 1948 in Tsumeb, Namibia and grew up in both Namibia and South Africa.

After graduating, with a Teaching Diploma and BA Degree, her teaching career took her from Potchefstroom to Pietersburg and later George on the South African Garden Route.
She is married with 3 children. She relocated to the UK in 2001 with her husband, also a teacher. Hester works in an impressionistic style, making her work both enjoyable and very collectable. Her love for nature and vibrant colour is apparent, but presented through a wide variety of subject matter.
A South African Artist currently residing in the United Kingdom with her husband Arie; she is among the top-ten selling artists of over 1700 artists that represent.
She is currently working as a visiting artist in primary schools in the South East of the country.

This is the first opportunity to see her work in this area.

Mike Bagshaw

Mike Bagshaw was born in Salford.

When he was at school he was taken under the wing of the great Salford painter Harold Riley, a dedicated portrait painter, who has painted many prominent people from the Kennedys, various Popes, Royalty and Nelson Mandela.

Mike studied art in Leicester and London before a change of direction; graduating in psychology. He began work as a prison psychologist, before moving into commerce and becoming a business psychologist.

Since 2000 he’s being pursuing his interest in art again. His focus on portraits links with his work as a psychologist; good portraits allow a window into the personality.

He is a strong advocate of life drawing, practicing this aspect of his art as a member of a group which meets weekly. He now works as a freelance business psychologist, spending more time in his studio.

His work, in some cases, allows the viewer the opportunity to connect with the personality of the sitter. In other works, the individual represented stands for others who share the same thoughts or attitudes, however fleeting. He also enjoys the occasional forays into surrealist work, landscapes, and still-life paintings.

He may be commissioned for portraiture by contacting the website on 0844 879 7438.

About Malvern Theatres

Nestling at the foot of the dramatic Malvern hills, Malvern Theatres is a major centre for the arts in the West Midlands. Home of the famous Malvern Festivals, founded by Bernard Shaw and Barry Jackson in 1929, the theatre has recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of a £7.2 million refurbishment. Hailed both locally and nationally as a model of artistic and architectural excellence, Malvern Theatres boasts a diverse programme of drama, comedy, music and dance involving the biggest names. It comprises three auditoria: the 800-seat Festival Theatre, famous for its programme of top touring drama and musicals; the Forum Theatre, a flexible space used for concerts and dance, as well as a 400-seat cinema. Visit the Theatre and see this exhibition yourself; you can see what’s on at the Theatres and the cinema here.


Knapp Gallery Exhibition, Regents Park, London - June 2010

by Claire Mitchell 5. June 2010 11:44
Our exhibition at the Knapp Gallery this month features paintings by two of our own artists as well as the work of two talented students from the Royal Academy of Arts.  
Bulgarian born Rumen Dragiev is one of our premier artist. His work that is on display at the Knapp Gallery is vibrant and energetic which Rumen creates using heavy paints which give lots of texture. Rumen takes inspiration from both the outside world as well as from his own mind to create to produce his very colourful and striking works that instantly brighten a mood.  
Angela Vanessa Winter’s work is mostly inspired by her travels and her life experiences. Angela studied Art and Design at The University of Hertfordshire and also achieved a City and Guilds certificate in life drawing at West Herts College. Angela, who is influenced by Bonnard, Van Gogh and Howard Hodgkins, uses many different colours in her paintings which are all reflections of her mood and emotions. Angela donates 25% of all her sales to one of the following charities - Motor Neurone Disease Association, R.N.L.I Port Isaac Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Swan Sanctuary.



This exhibition will be running throughout June to mid-July  so why not visit the Knapp Gallery which is next to the college reception accessed by the main entrance in York Gate, just on the corner of the Inner Circle.





 More photos from the Knapp Gallery








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