Malvern Theatres - Autumn Show

by Humph Hack 15. October 2017 17:15

It is rare for a successful artist to paint in many different styles. The public will easily recognise a Monet, a Freud or even a Hockney. As ever it is the exception which proves the rule. So, for example Picasso is known for multiple styles, but even he had periods where all the work being produced at any one time was stylistically similar.

The three artists opening the new show at Malvern Theatres are all recognisable instantly because they all paint in a practised and recognisable style.

Amanda Dagg is amongst the best sellers from the online gallery from which all the works on show are chosen. She relishes in the freshness of nature although her work does not attempt realism in the traditional sense.

She hails from South Wales and as well as producing an amazing quantity of work, she helps run a community led gallery in the area. She has successfully shown in the Theatre many times over the last few years.

Victoria Stanway’s works explore the female psyche. Her humorous paintings are much sought after, not just by women, but by anyone wishing to celebrate and understand what makes “girls” different. Victoria is based in Bicester and has not shown here before.

The third artist is Steven Shaw who hails from Solihull. His works – almost photo realist, are supreme examples of the genre. The works in this show are mainly animal studies, apart from two plates of biscuits; good enough to nibble with your cup of coffee in the Bistro. This is also Steven’s first show at Malvern. Artists queue up to be seen in this great venue.

The show runs from Monday 16 October until Saturday 25 November.


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Imagination Rules OK - Malvern Theatres -- February - March 2014

by Humph Hack 9. February 2014 14:48

One of the delights in arranging exhibitions in The Malvern Theatres, (so called because there are 2 theatres and a Cinema as well as a good Restaurant) is the opportunity to bring in artists who have never exhibited in the area before. This "new" talent is the life blood of any thriving centre for the arts.

The title of this exhibition was chosen because, whereas, all three artists have taken some inspiration from reality, they have manipulated reality in presenting us with very personal images.  In all the works on exhibition, imagination trumps reality, but not so fiercely that the result is so abstract as to be incomprehensible.

Kris Hardy's cityscapes are a delight. His large canvases demand attention. The images are of places we half recognise.  The buildings are statuesque. They loom out of the gloom and haze of the Metropolis. They are as impressive and imposing as the tower blocks and skyscrapers from which Kris draws his inspiration. 

Hazel Thomson's paintings may initially seem almost photographic, but closer inspection reveals a quirkiness intended to amuse. They are sharply focused, highly skillful representations of ideas rather than mere two-dimensional representations of the natural world. Hazel's multi-seasonal works are a particular delight.

Humph Hack has always been interested in architecture. Only recently has he begun to study the architectural and structural qualities of trees. This interest has led to a new series of paintings of specimen and heritage trees.

The exhibition is open every day until 30 March


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The 2014 New Year Exhibition - Malvern Theatres

by Charlotte 30. December 2013 15:19

Julia Everett

Julia graduated in Fine Art at Brighton University and has successfully exhibited in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and New York.

Her studio is by the Thames in West London, a location that inspires a lot of her work. Her use of vivid colours combined with the influence of music produce vibrant and dynamic paintings.

Her paintings are expressive colourful abstract landscapes. She is moved by the sky and sea and captures the uplifting feelings one can experience from being in a wild and dramatic landscape or watching the sun set into the water.

 She always listens to music when painting and feels that this has a strong influence on the finished work. Many of her paintings are named after song titles and lyrics.”


Michael A Hardwick 

Michael trained at Chelsea College of Art and moved to Wales from Surrey in 1984 when he decided to concentrate full time on his painting. 

He uses light, colour and brushstrokes to affect solutions in achieving a dramatic style.

His paintings have been published in "The U.K. Master Painters Showcase" for the magazine "The International Artist". 

Work is held in private collections and has been exhibited in many U.K. gallery solo and group exhibitions. His international reputation is based on dramatic works in both watercolours and oils that capture the mood of stormy skies over the coastlines of Wales and Cornwall.

Richard Britton 

Richard has been a full-time professional artist for 44 years. He works from his home in Worcestershire where he has a studio and gallery. 

Richard’s early tuition took place at the Birmingham School of Art.

After National Service as a commissioned officer he became studio manager of a major commercial art studio and subsequently worked in advertising and public relations before embarking on a painting career.


His work has been exhibited by The Society of Wildlife Artists, The Society of Equestrian Artists and The Pastel Society. Publishers of his work include Rosenstiel’s, Venture Prints, Solomon & Whitehead, Royles and Medici.

Richard is happy to accept commissions. 

Humph Hack


Humph Hack curates exhibitions at Malvern Theatre and occasionally shows some of his own work there.


The exhibition is open, 7 days a week, every day until 9th February. 


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A Joyous Riot of Colour at Malvern Theatres

by Humph Hack 17. November 2013 21:38

Hester and Arie Coetzee are exhibiting in the Malvern Theatres for the third time; brought back here by popular demand.

Hester won last years “Artist of the Year Award”, chosen by a public vote from a field of over 3,000 artists all of whom sell their work through the on-line gallery.

Her highly personal, intense paintings are a reflection of her approach to life in general.  Her use of vibrant colours and bold brush strokes, reflects her outgoing personality. Her inspiration is creation itself. After 40 years of teaching, she retired to become a full time artist, since when she has become among the top-selling artists in the UK and is building a reputation across Europe. Her paintings bring much joy to other people’s lives.

For Hester, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Arie’s inspiration is the exuberant colour of yellow wheat fields, blue rolling mountains, the emptiness of the countryside, the wide open skies filled with thunderous summer clouds and the friendly people of South Africa.

All this is visible in his work.After winning his first prize in a local art competition at the age of 11, it became a life long dream to be an artist. Throughout his education and later as a teacher, he worked in various painting styles, printing and sculpting to discover the genre in which he would be most comfortable. 

After several small exhibitions, he developed a more expressive and impressionistic style. His work, employing emotionally charged thick brushwork, takes inspiration from the simplicity and naivety of Van Gogh, and from Rembrandt’s exquisite use of light and shadow; bright colours streak energetically across the canvas. Some works adopt a calmer, subtler use of colour but the richness of pure pigment and heavy application is often uncontrollable. 

The exhibition runs until 29th December


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The Autumn Exhibition at Malvern Theatres

by Humph Hack 6. October 2013 15:36

This exhibition features the work of 3 artists new to Malvern Theatres.

Sally Lancaster produces startling images of horses. She is a Full Member of the Society of Equestrian Artists (SEA).

She has won numerous awards for her fine, highly detailed oil paintings including the prestigious ‘Ex Arte Equinus II’ Director’s Award in 2008 and Editor’s 1st Runners Up Award in 2010. She regularly exhibits in London as well as various galleries around the UK.

Characterised by fine brush strokes on subtle backgrounds, Sally’s focus is always on the beauty of the horse itself, often observed from an unusual angle. She is fascinated by detail, capturing every expression, movement and subtlety of the subject.

In 2011 she was commissioned by Racing Post to paint one of the 10 horse sculptures on display around Cheltenham town centre for the Cheltenham Horse Parade.

In 2012 she was commissioned by Princess Ameera Al-Taweel to produce a painting for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to commemorate him winning the FEI World Endurance Championships.

Her work is breathtaking.

Jessica Abbott is making a name for herself as a successful artist producing sensibly priced original paintings. She offers artwork created to reflect the fact that every home is special and unique. She produces work which reflects this difference.

Having mastered the technical aspects of drawing and painting in a traditional style, she has gone on to explore and develop expertise in contemporary art.

She discovered a gap in the market for bespoke and individual paintings at affordable prices; her aim is to satisfy this need. She creates art that reflects the environment in which it is hung

She has taken part in many group exhibitions across the country and she takes commissions for both domestic and commercial settings.

Her work is as restful as the subjects from nature she portrays.


The third artist, Linda Tennant's artistic journey began when she joined a small informal art class.

Upon discovering that people enjoyed her work, she began to sell and exhibit in her local area and has gone on to open her own studio and gallery in the West Midlands in 2003.

She paints in watercolour, acrylic and oils. The wide range of subject matter she takes inspiration from, include landscape, animals, flowers and architecture. Although she also produces abstract pieces, the work in this exhibition has it's roots in the natural world.

Her work is held in private collections across Europe, America, Canada and Australia.



Whatever part of nature you enjoy, there is something in this exhibition to delight.

The exhibition is open every day until November 17th.


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Late Summer Show at Malvern Theatre

by Humph Hack 25. August 2013 16:16

Husband and wife Mariusz and Kasia Kaldowski are exhibiting in Malvern for the first time. They both offer a richly colourful view of the English landscape. Although their styles are similar, the opportunity to see their work together allows the viewer to appreciate the differences. Seen together they show a joy in the atmospheric effects of natural light on the landscape.

Since 2002 Mariusz has been Artist in Residence in Regent's Park – London. In 2009 he started working with the National Trust as their resident artist for the South East region.His ability was recognised by an award in 2000 for 'Expressing the Essential Spirit of Holland Park'. He has received other numerous awards, for example 2006 - Main Prize Winner - editor's choice 'The Artist Magazine', and in the same year Nina Hosali 1st Prize - Free Painters & Sculptors Society. Other prizes include: Winsor & Newton, Pro Arte, Caran D'Arche and Royal Talens awards during yearly Patchings Art Festivals.

Kasia has had nearly 50 exhibitions, exhibiting in, among other London galleries - The Mall Galleries, Landmark Art Centre and Campbells.

In 1996 she won first prize for designing a display for a marketing and promotion campaign organised by Compass Group and Virgin Holidays. 

Kasia has also studied Glass and Ceramics as well as Art Exhibition Curating in London’s Central Saint Martins.

She is a member of “Free Painters and Sculptors” and “British Women Artists”; where she was a semi-finalist in their 2009 and 2010 open competitions.


The third artist on show is Debbie Richards. She depicts a mix of figures, flora and fauna, expressing a vision of the natural world as though seen in the imagination; the subconscious made visible. It is a characteristic style that she believes has a particularly strong appeal to women. 

Oil on canvas is her preferred medium. She likes thick, buttery paint and the strength of colour that it can achieve, often over-painting in layers, adding glazes and scumbles, giving her total control. People have a positive emotional response to saturated colour. Debbie’s epiphany came when she visited a small exhibition of paintings by Matisse at the Royal Academy of Art in 2005.

 The show runs every day until 6th October



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Three Takes on the Natural World - Malvern Theatre

by Humph Hack 22. July 2013 08:40

These 3 Midland based artists, all take their inspiration from the natural world.

Ian Ridley is a self-taught professional artist living and working in Feckenham, Worcestershire.

He has had paintings selected for several years in the Royal Birmingham Society of Artist’s Prize Exhibition in June of each year and has sold to collectors in Europe, Japan and the USA.

In 2011 he held a successful month-long solo exhibition at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham and one of his paintings was selected as Best in Show at the Quinton Arts festival in Birmingham in both 2011 and 2012.

Examples of his work and details were chosen to be featured in the American ICA publication “International Contemporary Artists” and in 2012 his work was featured in the “Artist” magazine; the UK’s leading practical art magazine.

Earlier this year he was elected to be a member of the prestigious Birmingham Watercolour Society and has been involved in the “apictureforhealth” charity in Worcestershire. 

Winter trees tend to be an integral part of his enthralling landscapes.



Jane Miller-Robinson attended Loughborough College of Art & Design where she obtained a degree in Three Dimensional Design, although her work has stayed firmly two-dimensional ever since! 

She has had a fascination for studying animals, particularly horses, ever since childhood when she was captivated by the ‘drama’ perceived in their eyes, movement and behaviour. Her commissioned work as an animal portrait-artist has bought her a substantial reputation. 

The bulk of her work celebrates rural life in Herefordshire, focusing on characterful animals. She is currently fascinated by placing them in formal garden settings alongside topiary. The high degree of technical skill which her paintings display, separate them from many other similar works by other artists.



Tracy Jolly’s work is both original and extremely tactile. She specialises in painting contemporary, semi abstract floral and seascape art-work; mainly with acrylics, metallics and enamels. She creates her highly textured works by mixing her own pastes and glues, then sculpting the shapes she desires onto the canvas. Each painting is created using high quality mediums. 

She is inspired by the beauty of nature and particularly enjoys painting flowers and sunsets. Her aim is to create pieces of art that are innovative, dynamic and inspiring. She has a dedicated following, based partly on her willingness to undertake commissions intended to blend with customers décor.


The exhibition at Malvern Theatre continues every day until August 25th


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Three Artists New To Malvern Theatre

by Humph Hack 2. June 2013 15:59

Serena Phillips studied art in Cheltenham and at Camberwell College of Art where she graduated in 1996. She initially chose a different career, "to pay the bills", but having recently returned to her childhood home of Abergavenny, she is now intent on revisiting her real passion.

Her works are inspired by her surroundings; the historic buildings and breathtaking landscapes on her doorstep.  She is currently working in a variety of mediums, on paper and canvas, as well as developing her skills in digital photography.

It has always been her childhood dream to be an artist. This is the time for her to fulfil that dream. This is not only her first time at Malvern, but also her first major exhibition.


Kaye Lake is an established floral artist, living and working in beautiful Northamptonshire. She sells internationally and several of her works have been published.

Her work is inspired by the stunning beauty of the natural world, which continues to excite her. The paintings in this exhibition, but a small part of her catalogue, amply showcase her talents. Paintings of other subject matter can be seen by visiting her page on the "artgallery" website. All celebrate nature in its various forms.

Her strong belief, that original art should be available and enjoyed by all, means that she offers her paintings at affordable prices.


Gillian Luff did her formal training in Wrexham at the North East Wales Institute of Technology and Design, gaining qualifications in graphic design and illustration.

But, it was when she moved to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey that she discovered her passion for mountains, clouds and seascapes. Since then she hasn’t stopped painting. She has collectors of her work from many countries; many walks of life.

Her contemporary artwork is all about sea, space, mountains, clouds, movement, fluidity and the force of nature; whether it be a tranquil seascape, vibrant nebula in space, or an apocalyptic ocean.

Her most recent exhibition was at the Knapp Gallery - Regents University - London.

Although very different in outcome, the thing which these three artists have in common, is their need to paint; their need to communicate.

The exhibition is open 7 days a week until July 21st. 




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