Sending a Painting With Glass

A watercolour painting with a mount and glass.

Start by placing strips of masking tape, as seen in picture across the glassed area. The reason for this is because if the glass does break the glass will stick to the tape and stay in one place, thus protecting the painting.


Now cut to size several pieces of heavy duty bubble wrap, so it is raised above the glass area, and only within the glassed area.


Now cut a piece of stiff corrugated board ( or thick mount board) this is cut to the same size as the glass area, and is now sandwiched between the glass and the board. Notice how the bubble wrap and board are raised above the height of the frame.


I now use foam corner protectors.


I now add lengths of foam and continue around the frame for extra protection (I am only showing a corner just for this demo).


Cut another piece of stiff card the same size as the outside edge of the frame and place it under the foam protectors.


Now cut two more pieces of stiff card, one for the front and one for the back, now place pieces of tape and carry this process on around the frame( as shown in picture ) After you have achieved all this, wrap the whole item in more bubble wrap, and then wrap in brown paper the usual way you would wrap your parcels. Any materials used in this demo can be purchased from any good packaging wholesaler online.

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