Famous Paintings Disappointed By Valentine's Day

by Aileen Mitchell 12. February 2016 16:26

When searching for empathy because one of the most romantic days of the year fails, look no further than some of the greatest masterpieces in art history. 

 This figure in Edgar Degas' La Absinthe can't believe she even bothered turning up ...

This portrait can't believe your excuses. "I double booked" was so last Valentine's Day...

Titian, A Man With A Quilted Sleeve 

Francoise Gilot is so bored of her dinner date - who knew someone could talk so much about themselves?

Pablo Picasso's Drawing of Francoise Gilot

Egon Scheile's Self portrait with Hand to Cheek can't believe he forgot to get anything ... again ... 

Edward Munch's The Scream left it too late to buy flowers. Now he'll have to wait until next year!

Saint Francis is so tired of dates that never work out ...

Caravaggio, Saint Francis of Assisi in Ecstasy

"You forgot again, didn't you ..."

Renoir, Portrait de Jeanne Samary


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