Lee Herring

Lee explains some of the concept behind his art.

My work began as an abstract experimentation focusing on redefining the traditional still life composition. Traditionally objects were painted in a realistic and dull composition, however my notion reversed this idea and I used objects to actually apply layers, splashes, drips of paint to a surface in a Pollock-esque automatism. I enjoyed the use of uncompromising tools experimenting greatly with scale and material.

"It’s all a big game of construction, some with a brush, some with a shovel, some choose a pen"1

From then on my practise developed and I became interested in capturing the essence of uncontrolled, accidental collisions of tone and viscosity. The canvas becoming an arena for a performance.

My aim was to combine my love of abstraction with representation, bringing expressionism back in a hybrid ecstasy.

"Abstraction is an emphasis on what one wants to say and an omission of everything that one doesn’t want to say"2

Once there was a time when paintings were feared to be a thing of the past; photography dominating the realist scene. Why paint a picture if a camera can capture the same image? In my opinion painting will always remain at the forefront of expressionism and as culture once again becomes more fashionable visual freedom will begin to flourish.

Allowing artgallery.co.uk to showcase my paintings highlights the increasing interest of the world wide market. Art lovers brought together in this creative online environment to explore and buy paintings;

"the expression of ideas and emotions… in a two dimensional visual language"3.

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