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Blackfriars Bridge
Keith Mcbride


I didn’t realise how well my new art would fit so perfectly in my parlour. I’m so happy with it, I ... read more


Wow so loveling packed and arrived so quickly.
Product : I didn’t realise how well my new art ... read more

cleo beckey

Across the snow freckled hills
Sarah Gill



The painting was received in perfect condition and very promptly, with a very nice message and card ... read more
Clive Moss

Little French Cafe
Wendy Brain



The picture arrived promptly and in good condition, with a nice personal note from the artist.
Clive Moss

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Paresh Nrshinga

Natalie Toplass

In our opinion, Natalie is exceptionally talented, she produces truly great paintings of flowers.

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  • Art for Offices

    Your employees are probably now all back from their summer holidays, and with the next break being Christmas, we imagine there’s a fair amount of the holiday blues going around the office. A great way to help reduce this and boost morale is hanging some great art on the office walls. You may be more of a fan of the clean white walls and wood floor look, but a splash of colour and striking visuals can make all the difference employee motivation and productivity. Let’s face it, the main requirements for a business are happy and motivated staff.
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  • Art for Interiors: Surrealism

    Metaphysical Still-Life II by Paul RossiHow many Surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A Fish Not all of us like conventional or traditional art. Some people may want something a little different, something quirky, that gets them thinking and talking. This is where Surrealist art can be a great alternative, it’s weird, whacky and sometimes a little bit bonkers. Of course, when we think of Surrealism we immediately think of Salvador Dali, but there’s more to this art movement than you’d imagine, and it’s also a great style to hang in the home.
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    How to Hang: Landscapes

    Essence Of A Storm Impressionist Seascape 27.5Landscape art is a style that gets very mixed reactions. There is a perception that it is old-fashioned, a little bit predictable and only shows scenes of rolling hills and lush, green fields intended to conjure up a chocolate-box vision of an imagined Britain from the past.  Well, this isn’t always the case. Landscape art is developing in many interesting ways and there is so much more to this style than meets the eye. Let's take a look at the latest traditional and contemporary landscapes to show you that there’s something for everyone, and that all is not what it seems.
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    How Colour Affects Mood

    Improvisation No.13 aka Brain in colour by Andrei AutumnAs we all know, colour can influence our mood. There are some tones that can make you feel positive and focused, creative and calm and others that can make you feel angry or negative. If you’re looking to update your home or buy a painting in a specific tone or shade, then colour can influence your buying decision, as it’s not just about liking an image or shade, but also the effect of the colour on your emotions.
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