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Angela E Uren


Brilliant, it is just perfect. I loved the thank you which the artist sent, it made it more ... read more


Excellent way to buy art work, really easy and straightforward.
Product : Brilliant, it is ... read more

Amanda Gilliatt , Lincolnshire

Where the river meets the sea (Seven Sisters)
Paula Oakley


Will bring back great memories of walks here


Two paintings by Paula Oakley
Product : Will bring back great memories of walks here

Gemma O'Brien

The Best Days
Kelly Marie Davidson


Love this piece matches what I was looking for


Great place to buy affordable art fast delivery great service
Product : Love this piece ... read more

victoria said

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Paula Lundy

Paula produces very contemporary paintings which are inspired by the moon, the use of metallics creates a powerful backdrop for her city scenes

Margaret Lynch

Margaret's work is full of texture and depth, representing the many elements of the earth

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  • Happy Birthday Picasso and Giacometti

    October is a wonderful time for artists: leaves begin to turn red and gold, the light changes from a hot sun to a warm glow, and morning dew begins to look exceptionally pretty. As well as celebrating the changing of the season, we're also celebrating the birthdays of two very influential artists, Pablo Picasso and Giacometti. Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) mastered many movements in art throughout his extremely busy career as an artist.
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  • Malvern Theatres Exhibition - October - November 2016

    People who like Art sometimes see a work which they want to buy, but the price-tag puts them off. After all, it’s easy, and inexpensive, to buy an open edition print from your local high-street store. But, how do you feel when the guy next door has the same work on his or her wall? Buying original artwork can be daunting and cost more than any “spur of the moment” purchase.  There are two things you should know. The artists who show their works in Malvern Theatres Exhibition space always have proven track records of multiple happy customers.
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    How I Found my ‘Muse’ by Gill Bustamante

    I dedicate these ramblings to all those artists looking for their muse and all those art buyers who are helping artists to survive. Thank you! Gill Many artists are trying to find their inspiration, their creative influence or their USP (Unique Selling Point as marketing people call it) and it will be distinctly different from person to person. I was brought up in the London suburb of Bexleyheath and I hated it. I wanted the sea and fields and trees and I did not get this in Bexleyheath. Moving to Sussex was like finding a supermarket after 20 years starving in a desert.
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    Was Rembrandt the King of the Selfie?

    "I'm just going to take a selfie" – a sentence that is now almost unavoidable. The selfie (short for self-portrait) has become a cultural phenomenon from an entire exhibition in Shoreditch to a published book of Kim Kardashian's oeuvre. Before we give this craze a deeper look, we need to give it a bit of artistic integrity in the form of Rembrandt van Rijn: one of the greatest painters in European art history.
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