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Where have the ducks gone.
Colin Aldridge


A modern classic or classically modern. You can practically smell wet dog and get a sense of their ... read more


Product : A modern classic or classically modern. You can practically smell wet dog ... read more

Ann-marie Talbot

Belle (framed glass painting)
Jan Peters


Not quite what I expected but I love it. The molten quality of the finish on the gown is ... read more


Exemplary service as always
Product : Not quite what I expected but I love it. The molten ... read more

Ann-marie Talbot

Lovers - Valentine in Venice
Carmen Tyrrell


I love the colours and there is an intensity of movement and emotion in this painting that is ... read more


Highly recommended and dare I say addictive.
Product : I love the colours and there is an ... read more

Ann-marie Talbot

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  • Dianne Griffiths

    Buy St Michael's Mount Sunset Diane Griffiths £145.00 Buy Twilight on The Gannel Diane Griffiths £115.00 Buy The Fern Pit Cafe Diane Griffiths £93.00 Buy The Crowns Botallack Tin Mines Diane Griffiths £95.00 Essentially a landscape artist, abstracts, flora and animals also feature in my work. During my early schooldays I was encouraged to develop a perceived talent in art, a subject I then studied throughout GCSE and A-levels.
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  • Creepy Halloween Art from ArtGallery

    Halloween For Crows by Julie StevensonHalloween and art goes hand-in-hand from making decorations to face painting. Whether you're spooked by Francis Bacon or terrified of William Blake's turbulent seascapes, there's no denying that October 31st is as good an opportunity as any to appreciate some great art. Here are some of our favourite seasonal creations on our online gallery. Halloween For Crows Julie Stevenson has created a fun Halloween scene to bring a smile to any viewer's face. With creepy little spiders, a gang of crows, bats and pumpkins, there's so much to see.
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    Malvern Theatres - Autumn Show

    It is rare for a successful artist to paint in many different styles. The public will easily recognise a Monet, a Freud or even a Hockney. As ever it is the exception which proves the rule. So, for example Picasso is known for multiple styles, but even he had periods where all the work being produced at any one time was stylistically similar. The three artists opening the new show at Malvern Theatres are all recognisable instantly because they all paint in a practised and recognisable style. Amanda Dagg is amongst the best sellers from the online gallery
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    Top 10 Pop Artists on Art Gallery

    Male and female in denim by Stewart RobinsonPop Art celebrates all that is quirky and subversive, here are the top 10 on Art Gallery. Pop Art, made famous by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Yayoi Kusama, is defined as “art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values”. At we have an extensive range of contemporary Pop Art. We've chosen ten of our favourite quirky, original, though-provoking pieces in the pop art style.
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