Over a year long period I had been exploring ideas around creating physical Treasure, Visual Artworks, from Memories and Emotions. Making belief incarnate and experimenting with how to imbue objects and images with some of the qualities of a Puppet, primarily the illusion of life. And I tried to achieve this in a wide variety of new Norfolk Seaside based artworks. Using real Norfolk places as ideas and emotions, as characters in the Story and by making the ethereal whole tangible as a memento or relic, making a Reliquary or Shrine of the artwork to these ideas. Simultaneously I developed a wide range of new artistic techniques. These built on my Children's Television Puppet Making skills and expanded the forms and tools I used to include Vacuum Sealing. The range of materials also expanded as I drew on the design of Medieval Reliquaries, adding Gemstones and Antique Jewellery to my artworks in imitation. Using Beachcombed and Found Objects, Gold Leaf to replicate their tone in Assemblage style. I called this entire new art creation process; New Art Enshrinement. I like to give things and ideas names so that I can Reason and Map them more easily in my sometimes rambling imagination. I then created a 'Treasure of,' series of works to see how well the process and me worked in a variety of genres. I was really pleased with the results. The Treasure of the Seaside and Treasure of Trees worked well as unusual and intriguing Photograph based artworks. I then created some Vintage Greetings Card based works, The Treasure of Christmas, they had me heading back more towards Reliquary as rather than a Photo image at the Centre of the work as had been my previous Puppetising arts practice there now was a real Relic, an Old Postcard, at the base of each artwork. Making the entire composition a sort of Reliquary and the Artwork itself a Shrine to the memories, ideas and emotions.
So I decided to create a few small artworks to Blueprint and sum up all I had achieved over the past year. Returning to the topics of Rock Pools, Seaside and Norfolk. With themes of Memory, Belief and Loss at their core and using my New Art Enshrinement process as a Reliquary - Shrine Artwork creation method. I did this now far more confidently than previously and without using photographs or an actual Relic fragment as a base. Just a confluence of varied objects and emotions that had the tone and feel of a Medieval Reliquary flowing over and through a base image drawn from Norfolk and its Rock Pools. The Shrine. This would I hoped be the final statement of what I had achieved, learned and had wanted to express over the previous year. But what would I call these new small artworks without photographs and with just a small cardboard, paint, Seashell and Sand base?
Again trying to give them an identity I tried to find a title or name in letters and words for these final few small works. In doing so I completed my year long artistic journey by joining up all the things I had actually been trying to throughout the year and with yet another name.
'Norfolk Keepsake and Objet d'Art'.
Norfolk. Noun - a time and place, a character, person. (My definition).
a small item kept in memory of the person who gave it or originally owned it.
memento, token of remembrance, souvenir, reminder, something to remember someone by, remembrance, relic, memorial, token.
objet d'art
a small decorative or artistic object, typically when regarded as a collectable item.

This particular Artwork I randomly numbered #62 Again so I can Map it in my mind. It's a very precious and beautiful thing.
And here it is.
Norfolk Keepsake Objet d'Art #62.
Something to Treasure.
Note the Dimensions are those of the Vacuum Sealed bag that forms the exterior of the artwork. The actual work inside it is 4 x 3 inches. I supply a clip to hang the work from though you can frame it if you desire. Do not puncture it though as you will unseal it. If you do damage it I will try to repair it if you return it to me and at reasonable cost. Hang it in the Bathroom or Poolside if you like, it is waterproof.
Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity
W 4.50" x H 6.50" D 0.60"
Media: mixed media and gold leaf
Surface: Plastic, Cardboard, Seashells, Sand, Antique Jewellery, Gemstones, String, Gold Leaf, Lollipop Sticks, Sand, Paint.
Despatched within 5 working days
Free delivery in UK!
Outside the UK? Plus icon
Channel Islands/Ireland: £6.00
Near Europe: £8.00
Rest of Europe: £12.00
USA/Canada: £18.00

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