I've created or made this artwork using my own New Art Enshrinement method. This way of making Art has become my Art Practice. It's the way I make my Art, unique to me as an Artist.
I explain in my profile how I arrived at creating Art in this way. My art works and whole artistic expression is about exploring the idea of making physical treasure from belief and then enshrining it, capturing and keeping it. Hence I hang my finished artworks in Vacuum Seal Bags. As I explore different genres I give them the genre name, Seaside, for example with ‘The Treasure of’ before the title becomes, The Treasure of the Seaside. I hope you like them as I do. I think they're beautiful. You can hang my Art works in your House or Gallery, in the Bathroom or Poolside.
This Artwork is new, its one in a new Series of Artworks called the Treasure of Dogs; this is #58. Each is original and different but rather than a title I number them. From 57. This Series is about creating a relic or shrine of an animal, a Dog. I do this with lots of things; create artistic shrines or reliquaries of them. I'm interested in subjects that people have made an emotional investment in, things that they believe in and in an unconventional sense. "People love their Pets". These works are Collages, Montages. I include in this one a Victorian Scrap, (the dog picture) and items of Vintage Jewellery, again objects people have invested an emotion or belief in. A Love often. I do this in a style that replicates the tone of a Medieval Reliquary. The adding of other Jewels and Gems and Faux Fur enhances this mood. I of course Vacuum Seal the entire Collage/Montage together to create the modern New Art Shrine and hopefully preserve it all together, forever. A moment, captured. It’s an artful and enjoyable object that I hope the buyer too enjoys, keeping or giving. I supply the hanging clip and it can be hung as is in a Bathroom or Poolside. It’s Waterproof. Dimensions are of the Vacuum Seal Bag and the artwork inside is 3" x 3.5".
Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity
W 4.50" x H 6.00" D 0.80"
Media: mixed media and photograph
Surface: Antique Jewellery, Puppet Makers Fleece, Faux Fur, Hand Painted Toy Eyes, Victorian Scrap of Dog on Cardboard in a Plastic Vacuum Seal Bag
Despatched within 5 working days
Free delivery in UK!
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Channel Islands/Ireland: £6.00
Near Europe: £8.00
Rest of Europe: £12.00
USA/Canada: £1.00

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