Posted on 2023-11-13
Gill Bustamante Gill Bustamante
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The Kingfishers Eden, a riverscape with kingfishers

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The Kingfishers Eden is a wide original oil painting of two kingfishers by a river surrounded by flowers and trees. It is 60x36x1.5 inches. A kingfisher on the left hovers above the suggestion of pink riverside flowers and foliage and watches another kingfisher emerging from the water to the right. Between the trees you can see a lake and a river flowing from it towards the birds. The feeling is mellow and sums up late summer and is very vibrant and colourful. The painting style uses many different techniques and the overall effect is one that hints at flowers and trees but actually in a semi-abstract style. The abundance of paint layers and the rainbow colours makes this painting shimmer and reflect differently in interesting ways. The overall effect is of an idyllic countryside landscape that is capturing a perfect moment in time. The reason for this is that every time I see a kingfisher, it is always a perfect moment in time! (only seen 3 so far) Painted on 3D canvas, edges white, ready to hang and comes with certificate of authenticity. Video:


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Gill Bustamante

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