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After the rain
Lisa Furness


Lovely pastel painting but poorly framed, I am having it re-framed professionally, which will ... read more


Lovely pastel painting, beautifully executed - but split by cramped, poor quality framing. I am ... read more

Little monster heads
Lee Proctor



Always an excellent service. Any issues are dealt with a minimum of fuss and always with pleasure.
Paul King

Maria Arias


This is a delightful painting, with a story behind it that added to its appeal. Nicely finished ... read more


I found your site a bit complicated to negotiate - and I had a slight issue with one of my ... read more

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Rumen Dragiev

Atmospheric oils in an impressionistic style

Stewart Wilson

Stewart's exaggerated urban scenes have been popular with collectors in London and New York - recently exhibited with us at the Knapp Gallery

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  • Winter Exhibition at Malvern Theatres - 9 Jan - 18 Feb 2017

    All artists draw inspiration from the world about them. In some cases the starting point is nature itself, in others it is humanity, while for yet others, the world of fantasy takes over. But in every case, art without reference to elements which are recognizable cannot engage the viewer. And, it is the capacity to engage which separates the noteworthy from the merely mundane. Art should not be for decoration but for far more. Living with a good work of art involves a daily conversation.
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  • Capturing The Beauty Of The Rain In Art

    From 'Purple Rain' to impressionism, this month we take a look at how art celebrates the beauty of some classic British weather. January isn't exactly famous for its sunny skies, so what better time to throw a positive and artistic light on our winter elements? The impressionist painters of the 19th century were also known for celebrating wet weather in their art. A large part of impressionism is about capturing the ever-changing light and atmosphere in a painting. For example, Renoir's beautiful sunny afternoon pieces and Claude Monet's dreamy botanical landscapes.
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    Humph Hack's Love Of Buildings

    When I was studying "A" level art, part of the course was the history of architecture. I had never really thought much about buildings before that. They provided shelter, warmth; a living space and in most cases that was all there was to it. My mind was changed and my eyes were opened by the works of architects like Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier. In each case it was the exterior of the buildings which excited me. I determined to study architecture and spent many hours sketching the exterior of fantastic houses – many split-level in construction.
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    Father Christmas in Art History

    There are few iconic celebrities who make the select group of people painted again and again throughout history. Religious icons have secured most of the top spots, but there is one much-loved individual who has also made his mark many times. We're talking, of course, about Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas. *Spoiler alert: This post is about to detail spoilers about Father Christmas. Father Christmas, or Santa, is a character based on the real life fourth century archbishop, Saint Nicholas of Myra, Asia Minor (known today as Demre, Turkey).
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