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Houses of Parliament, London(Extra Large Print)
Patricia Clements



Excellent service, prompt and efficient
Camster , Surrey

Path of Light
Ramona Belcher



I can't find fault with the service in anyway, but please bear in mind this purchase was a gift and ... read more
Ross , Brighton

Light in the Darkness
Davina Nicholas



Very Good

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  • Walks That Inspired Famous Art

    To celebrate National Walking Month this May, we take a look at some of the ways that walking has influenced some of the world's most famous and creative artists. Not only does walking get people from A to B, it helps stimulate the brain and gets the cognitive and creative juices flowing. Many of ArtGallery's own wonderful artists take inspiration from walking, which is something they share with some of the most famous artists from Munch, to Gormley.
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  • The Golden Ratio in Art

    Frequent readers of The Independent online will remember the New Year's Eve photograph of a street scene in Manchester that went viral. After a keen observer pointed out that the composition of the photo had the perfect balance of the golden ratio, the image was shared by millions online. The golden ratio is a mathematical tool used in architecture and design to achieve visual harmony and balance in a composition. To many, it's the most pleasing way of arranging shapes in a composition. The ratio is found when dividing a line into two parts (one longer and one smaller).
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    Celebrating 90 Years - Queen Elizabeth II in Portraits

    Her Majesty Elizabeth II's portrait surrounds us daily more than we stop to think about - she's on stamps, coins and banknotes. We even see her initials on letter boxes.  A Life Extraordinary: Queen Elizabeth II by Angie Wright Our queen is also one of the most recognisable and painted faces in modern portraiture, recreated by the likes of Andy Warhol, Lucian Freud and Justin Mortimer to name but a few. To mark her 90th birthday, we celebrate by looking at ArtGallery artists who have also taken inspiration from our monarch.
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    Malvern theatres - April / May Exhibition

    Artists and gallery owners are often asked, “If I buy this painting, will it be a good investment?” The truthful answer is always, “If you like it enough to spend the money, buy it. If it goes up in value…that’s a bonus.” Over the last few years, hundreds of people have liked the work they have seen in The Malvern Theatres enough to buy. Because the sales are through this on-line website, distance selling regulations means that they could have been returned for a full refund…..but none have.
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