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Paul Chambers


Arrived v quickly.
Beautifully and safely packaged.
Exquisite. Even Better on the wall ... read more


A trouble free and wholly satisfying exosrience
Product : Arrived v quickly.
Beautifully ... read more

Pauline Carter

Puffin ‘Touch Down’ 42x30cm
Anna Pawlyszyn


Was what I thought I was getting - very happy


No complaints
Product : Was what I thought I was getting - very happy

Paul Rossiter

Back4 - Female Nude
Carmen Tyrrell


Beautiful. I now have three of Carmen's works on my walls.


Trouble free purchase, quick delivery and a great piece of art.
Product : Beautiful. I now ... read more

Martin Smith

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Charles Willmott

Charles is a very fine figurative artist. He has worked with some of the world's finest ballet dancers and has twice been a finalist in the prestigious Garrick/Milne competition.

Jonathan Pitts

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  • Art for Interiors: Surrealism

    Metaphysical Still-Life II by Paul RossiHow many Surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A Fish Not all of us like conventional or traditional art. Some people may want something a little different, something quirky, that gets them thinking and talking. This is where Surrealist art can be a great alternative, it’s weird, whacky and sometimes a little bit bonkers. Of course, when we think of Surrealism we immediately think of Salvador Dali, but there’s more to this art movement than you’d imagine, and it’s also a great style to hang in the home.
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  • How to Hang: Landscapes

    Essence Of A Storm Impressionist Seascape 27.5Landscape art is a style that gets very mixed reactions. There is a perception that it is old-fashioned, a little bit predictable and only shows scenes of rolling hills and lush, green fields intended to conjure up a chocolate-box vision of an imagined Britain from the past.  Well, this isn’t always the case. Landscape art is developing in many interesting ways and there is so much more to this style than meets the eye. Let's take a look at the latest traditional and contemporary landscapes to show you that there’s something for everyone, and that all is not what it seems.
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    How Colour Affects Mood

    Improvisation No.13 aka Brain in colour by Andrei AutumnAs we all know, colour can influence our mood. There are some tones that can make you feel positive and focused, creative and calm and others that can make you feel angry or negative. If you’re looking to update your home or buy a painting in a specific tone or shade, then colour can influence your buying decision, as it’s not just about liking an image or shade, but also the effect of the colour on your emotions.
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    How to Hang Pop Art

    Andy Warhol by sharon colesWho doesn’t love pop art?! It’s fun, it’s loud, it’s colourful and gets noticed. It’s from an art movement that’s over 50 years old, but still looks great and very contemporary, even today. By turning the ‘trashy’ or mass-consumer into art, the Pop Art movement has been incredibly influential and has inspired many artists, such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and The Guerrilla Girls who continue to turn everyday objects into art.
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