Posted on 2024-03-20
Richard Hopkinson Richard Hopkinson

Tubular Bells

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Upon a world where skies shimmer teal,
A maiden fair, her grace surreal,
With tubular bells, her only shield,
Wanders through fields of starlight yield.

Her fingers dance, and gently wield
The mallets that upon bells pealed,
Each note a beam of energy sealed,
In alien air, their fate revealed.

The bells' song weaves through cosmic field,
A barrier 'gainst darkness congealed,
Their melody, a force unhealed,
Protects the beauty not concealed.

In this strange land, her fate is sealed,
With tubular bells, her spirit keeled,
A symphony of light, annealed,
In echoes of the stars, appealed.

A unusual. fine art print by the artist, as a limited edition of x3 signed, numbered and dated. Available now to purchase.


  • Paper


450mm x 600mm approx


  • Surrealistic


  • Nudes and Erotic


Richard Hopkinson

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