Posted on 2024-02-19
Aasiri Wickremage Aasiri Wickremage
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Lotus pond

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Inspired by brightly lit lotus ponds at sunset. As the artist, I poured my vitality into this abstract acrylic painting, a riot of colors swirled with emotion, capturing the essence of nature's reverie. It's an expression of serenity and chaos intertwined, invoking a meditative state with a hint of wild abandon. This piece radiates an infectious energy, harmonizing any space with its vibrant presence. It's a dance of hues and strokes meant to invigorate the soul.
Original painting on gallery wrapped canvas. edges painted and ready to hang.
one of a kind artwork for art collectors.


  • Canvas


90cmx 90cm


  • Abstract


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Aasiri Wickremage

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