Posted on 2024-04-03
Natalie Aleksejeva Natalie Aleksejeva

Flower Symphony No.1

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Spring's arrival, accompanied by the gentle warmth of the sun, has ignited my creative spirit, inspiring me to embark on a new artistic endeavour. Introducing "Flower Symphony," a series of abstract works that celebrate the beauty and vibrancy of spring blooms. Each painting in this collection is a harmonious blend of colours and shapes, capturing the essence of nature's symphony in full bloom. From delicate petals to bold bursts of colour, these abstract compositions invite you to immerse yourself in the joyful energy of springtime. Join me on this artistic journey as we celebrate the season of renewal and growth through the enchanting language of flowers.
Original acrylic painting on paper.
Ready to be framed.
This painting is signed and dated on the back.


16'' x 12''


  • Expressionistic


  • Flowers and Plants


Natalie Aleksejeva

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