Posted on 2024-03-14
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Swift As Light

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This elegant horse has been created with a 3D pen and black and clear TPU filament. The artwork looks quite delicate but the filament used is incredibly strong and durable.

Drawing with a 3D pen is literally drawing with plastic. The filament is extruded through the heated device and comes out in a soft and very thin line which naturally curls into squiggles.
The squiggles in the clear filament constructed the background base (fabric). The black squiggles were worked and built upon to create the light and dark values of the horse.

The whole piece is very light in weight but substantial enough to hang beautifully from the wooden dowel. These 3D pen drawings look best against a plain, light coloured wall due to their semi transparent nature.

Alternatively the dowel (which measures 64cm) could be removed and the drawing professionally framed as a piece of textile art.

Keep clean and dust free with an occasional blast with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.


W 59cm x H 86cm x D 2mm


  • Illustration


  • Animals and Birds


Paula Horsley

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