Posted on 2024-03-19
Irina Rumyantseva Irina Rumyantseva
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Underwater Life 9

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Underwater Life 9 by Irina Rumyantseva is a stunning underwater scene featuring vibrant tropical fish swimming amongst the coral reefs. The painting showcases the beauty of the sea with its intricate details of the different species of fish, including vibrant angelfish, sleek barracudas, and playful clownfish. The crystal clear blue waters and lush greenery of the reef creates a mesmerizing contrast to the colorful marine life, making it a breathtaking masterpiece. The painting captures the essence of the tropical sea, making it a perfect addition to any home. Irina was inspired by her love and appreciation of nature, a desire to showcase the beauty of the underwater world, and to raise awareness about the importance of preserving marine life and the ocean environment.

40 cm*40 cm slim edge canvas wall art ready to hang. Abstract floral painting using acrylics. 100% cotton canvas stretched over a slim 1.5cm wooden frame. All my 9 paintings from this collection beautifully matched together, perfect for organizing larger wall spaces!No further framing required.Ready to hang .


  • Canvas


40cm x 40cm x 1.5cm


  • Abstract


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Irina Rumyantseva

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