Posted on 2024-04-03
Kev Waite Kev Waite

Abstract Sydney Harbour Cityscape Acrylic Painting on Canvas

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I painted this whilst visiting Sydney, Australia.
My intention was to create a piece that portrayed the vibrancy I felt at the time of visiting Sydney Harbour, but to also capture the striking silhouette of the bridge, opera house, and skyscrapers.
I was happy with my use of colour in this piece as I feel it gives a really happy and vibrant vibe.
Because of the colours and the abstract style, this painting looks great anywhere in the home or office.
I'm an artist who lives with a neurological disorder called FND, and I struggle to keep a steady hand, so my use of painting in lines helps me to manage my muscle tremors which I experience with my condition.
I also live with bipolar disorder, and at the time of painting this piece I was on a high wave with the mental illness!


  • Canvas


50cm in height, 40cm in width, 2cm in depth


  • Abstract


  • Cityscapes