Posted on 2024-04-03
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**Luminescent Descent**

Beneath cerulean waves, she descends,
A siren veiled in moonlight's tender kiss.
Her form, ethereal, curves like coral bends,
A dance with depths where secrets coalesce.

Deep blue water cradles her silken skin,
As tendrils of kelp weave through her hair.
Jellyfish, celestial lanterns, draw her in,
Their bioluminescence a cosmic affair.

She glides, weightless, through liquid realms,
A symphony of whispers in her wake.
Their phosphorescent glow, like ancient helms,
Guides her to caverns where dreams partake.

In this subaqueous ballet, she twirls,
A celestial nymph with eyes like starlit skies.
Her heart echoes the ocean's ancient pearls,
And in her wake, constellations rise.

So, let us raise our voices to the sea,
To honor her, this mystical entity.
For she is both tempest and tranquility,
A luminescent muse of boundless mystery.

A limited edition of x 5 of this exquisite fine art print are available now complete with printed poetic description, and of course signed, dated and numbered


  • Paper


600mm x 600mm


  • Conceptual


  • Nudes and Erotic


Richard Hopkinson

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