Posted on 2023-10-29
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I figured it out some time ago: to dream is my path and to paint is my dream. “Always with the head in the clouds” as all my teachers used to say from the primary school and all the way up to college. Maybe a way to extend my happy moments or just a defending mechanism trying to escape and/or block harsh realities in my life and the ones I loved, who knows? Who cares?
All I care about is that I am still dreaming my life around and that I turn most of those dreams into pieces of art like this one.
Which for whatever reasons I've decided to call “Dreams”
Here it is, all glammed up and ready to impress and speak to whoever understands her language. (Painted at the same time as "Hopes"; I felt that Hopes and Dreams work well together)
Abstract layered tinted painting, different shades of blue, navy, turquoise, green, copper, and gold
24" x 24" gallery 1.5" profile stretched canvas
Wired and ready to hang
Since this piece is abstract, you can hang it in any orientation that feels right to you


  • Canvas


24" x 24" x 1.5"


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Ana Hefco

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