Posted on 2023-10-25
Paula Horsley Paula Horsley

Lace Tree Wall Hanging

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I've listed this in the drawing category because it is a drawing created with a 3D pen. The pen I've used heats up a flexible rubber-like filament so I am literally drawing with plastic.
This wall hanging could also be classed as a sculpture because the filament has been worked into a 3D piece of art.
TPU filament is incredibly strong and durable which is why it is used in many industrial sectors.

This is not made of lace but it has a beautiful lace-like quality with just enough substance and weight to hang beautifully from the wooden dowel but light enough to make hanging a very easy task.

The inspiration for this piece is a very old and particularly beautiful tree near where I live. I find myself admiring it every day.


W 89cm x H 69cm x D 2mm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Paula Horsley

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