Posted on 2024-03-29
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Solent Sunrise; The Needles from Barton on Sea

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"Solent Sunrise: The Needles from Barton on Sea," a breathtaking large panoramic painting that captures the serene beauty of an early morning at one of the Isle of Wight's most iconic landmarks. This piece artfully blends reds and oranges to depict the tranquil moment a lonely yacht enters the Solent, illuminated by the warm, low light of a semi-abstract sunrise.

The vivid palette of reds and oranges not only reflects the warmth and beauty of the sunrise but also resonates with viewers on a visceral level, inviting them into a moment of peace and reflection.
The Needles, seen from the perspective of Barton on Sea, are rendered in a style that straddles the line between realism and abstraction, offering a fresh take on a beloved natural wonder. 

"Solent Sunrise" is more than just a painting; it is a piece of the Isle of Wight's natural majesty, brought into your space. Ideal for those who cherish maritime landscapes and the vibrant beauty of dawn, this painting will be a standout addition to any collection.

"panoramic painting," "Isle of Wight art," "The Needles landscape," "early morning sunrise," and "semi-abstract maritime," 

The picture continues around the edge of the canvas, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
The dimensions of the canvas are 80x30x4 cm


  • Canvas


80x30x4 cm


  • Abstract


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


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