Posted on 2023-10-27
Paula Horsley Paula Horsley

Negative Space Face

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This unique wall hanging has been created with a 3D pen and flexible TPU filament. The melted rubber-like filament is extruded through a heated pen and the lines of the drawing are set in place as soon as they cool. The filament sticks to itself to form an unusual lace effect which resemble a piece of textile art.
It's a lot more challenging than drawing with a normal pen or pencil but it's a fascinating medium to work with.
I've used a transparent filament to hold the suspended eye in place which is hardly detectable against a wall.
It's worth mentioning that my 3D pen drawings need to be displayed on a plain, light coloured wall.
This piece is very light in weight and hangs beautifully from a length of wooden dowel.


W 48cm x H 63cm x D 1mm


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Paula Horsley

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