Posted on 2024-02-23
Eraclis Aristidou Eraclis Aristidou
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SOLD Yoga Abstract King Pigeon Pose 690

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Yoga Abstract King Pigeon Pose 690 36x36x1.5 90x90x4cm Acrylic on Stretched 3D Gallery Canvas.

Yoga cleanses the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative impressions.
Yoga and meditation prove to be a powerful combination, Spirituality gives inner strength to manage difficult situations.
Meditation, yoga, cleanses even the deepest layers of your consciousness, leaving you rested and refreshed.
An anatomical abstract Yoga Pose, contemporary painting. Meditation for Mind and Body to find inner peace. Boost energy , release your stress. Textured and colourful the play of form, shades, light and colour interact and play to add life and movement, complementing the juxtapositions of colour and form.
My box nudes are emotional paintings and are about being in isolation due to the epidemic and being told to keep social distancing. It's about fear unease and peering into the future.
It's a talking point which captures a point in life full of emotional and spiritual meaning.


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  • Nudes and Erotic


Eraclis Aristidou

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