Posted on 2024-02-11
Ruslana Levandovska Ruslana Levandovska

Man at the Bar

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Indulge in sophistication with this captivating painting, showcasing a distinguished gentleman lost in thought at a bar. Wearing a suit adorned with distinctive cuff links, he emanates elegance and intrigue. Cinematic lighting creates a rich ambience, accentuated by warm tones and a vibrant red tablecloth, enhancing the allure of this timeless setting. Ideal for those who admire refined style and contemplative charm, this artwork promises to elevate any space with its sophisticated allure.

High grade, quality pigments are used. Advanced technique of layering and glazing implemented to achieve a desired effect. Varnished for protection and luminosity.

This piece is in perfect condition and comes ready to hang the moment it arrives at your door!


  • Canvas


W 30" x H 24" x D 0.75"


  • Impressionistic


  • People


Ruslana Levandovska

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