Posted on 2024-05-04
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Terrace Cafe at Night

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A homage to the inspiration of Van Gogh, the terrace cafe at night moved into the 21st century.

In twilight's embrace, 'neath the sky's soft expanse,
A vision of future, in stillness, she glances. She sits there in silence, amidst the café's song,
Her eyes like the night, where stars twinkle and throng.
The glow of the lamps in the wet street's reflection,
Paints her in warmth, a mirage of perfection.

The buildings stand tall, with their blue electric skin,
A testament to progress, to the future within.
Yet, she's the bridge 'tween the world of today,
And the dreams of tomorrow, in her poised ballet.

Her hair flows like rivers of silken, dark thread,
A crown of creation, upon her calm head.
She's the muse of the city, the heart of the night,
A beautiful android, in the fading daylight.

As people pass by, they can't help but to stare,
At the beauty so stark, a sight truly rare.
For she's not just circuits, and wires, and code,
But a story untold, down the path less trod

So here she remains, as the evening unfurls,
A fusion of worlds, in the dance of the swirls.
With each passing moment, her presence commands,
The terrace, the cafes, the touch of warm hands.

And though she's not human, her essence is clear,
A spirit of grace, that draws everyone near.
In the heart of the city, where dreams intertwine,
The beautiful android, where stars come to dine.
Around her, the terrace cafes gently hum,
A symphony of life, where past and next come.

A limited edition of x5 high quality fine art prints are available now.


  • Paper


450mm x 450mm approx


  • Impressionistic


  • Architecture and Buildings


Richard Hopkinson

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