Posted on 2024-02-12
PastelArt Igor Kotnik PastelArt Igor Kotnik

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In crafting this piece, I unleashed a symphony of emotions through vibrant acrylic hues, layered over the raw texture of cement. The abstract expressionist style invites a chaotic dance of color, echoing the ebb and flow of life's energy. It's a visual escapade, a journey through a kaleidoscope of feelings, and a bold brushstroke of passion that will infuse any space with the dynamic spirit of creativity and inspiration.
Miniature Venetian brooches each, which I made and painted in 1978, that is, 45 years ago, and now they have come to life again.
Artwork is made on high-quality cotton canvas with dimensions of 80x60 cm.
The artwork is protected with a high-quality varnish for long-lasting color freshness.
It is signed on the front and back. It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges of the images are in black. A certificate of originality of the artwork is also included. The picture will brighten up beautiful moments in your home or office space...


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PastelArt Igor Kotnik

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