Posted on 2023-12-06
Eraclis Aristidou Eraclis Aristidou
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Colourful Shanty Town 252

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Colourful Shanty Town 252 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 40cm x 50cm x 0.5cm (16 inches x 20 inches x 0.5 inches)

Highly pigmented, heavy body acrylic landscape paintings. Artist using a creamy thick consistency of Artist viscosity Iridescent colours unique to Acrylic and not available in oil paints.
Colourful, bright and shaped as you travel along its line of expressive progression.
When complementaries are juxtaposed, they not only vibrate but cancel one and the other out, creating definite rhythm. Light and dark colours follow in sequence like musical notes in colour density and space. Brilliant colours create an even flowing movement that dances to rest at larger, less intensely space of larger shapes of colour.


  • Canvas


40cm x 50cm x 0.5cm


  • Expressionistic


  • Office Wall Art