Posted on 2024-02-29
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Take Me There - Aerial Australia

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"Take Me There" was inspired by aerial and satellite imagery of the Australian Golf Shark Bay.
Original, one-of-a-kind, and - due to the techniques used - impossible to recreate.
*All my pieces are painted in layers and that gives them a tridimensional aspect with intricate details that add richness and depth to the final image. In creating this piece, I channeled the serenity and vastness of nature, blending vibrant hues with the tactile richness of sand, cement, and plaster. The fluid blues and greens and earthy tones dance together in a celebration of the earth's beauty, while the minimalistic approach invites contemplation. This painting will infuse any space with a sense of peace and an invitation to explore the wonders of our world.

• I use all professional packing materials to make sure your artwork gets to you safely wherever in the world you may live.
• Please understand while I make every effort to ensure that the pictures show as close as the actual piece, some colors may appear slightly different in person due to lighting and screen settings variations.
• I cannot always guarantee a 'flawless finish' but always aim for perfection and try my best to reduce the amount of interference from environmental elements.
Care instructions:
- To clean this piece of art and keep that glossy shine use a gentle glass cleaner, spray it on, and wipe and buff it with a soft cloth that is gentle to the surface. The resin will not crack, but it can scratch, so please handle it with care.
- Direct sunlight exposure can damage and may fade artwork.
- Do not place close to heating systems.
- Avoid touching the surface.


  • Canvas


36" x 48" x 1.5"


  • Realistic and photographic


  • Art for Interior Designers


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