Posted on 2024-04-11
Mykola  Dzvonyk Mykola Dzvonyk

Sailboats Croatia Watercolor Painting

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Sailboats is a watercolor painting created by Ukrainian artist Mykola Dzvonyk. The painting features a seascape with sailboats in Croatia, Zadar. The artist has captured the beauty of the coastal scenery, depicting the sea, sky, and sailboats with a summer mood. The use of watercolor on 300 gsm watercolor paper gives the artwork a textured and expressive quality.
The painting falls under the genre of landscape art, focusing on the nautical theme with sailboats navigating the waters. The title suggests a straightforward representation of a sea landscape, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the calming and picturesque scene. The artist's conceptual approach likely emphasizes the natural beauty of the location and the tranquil atmosphere associated with a summer vacation.
Overall, the artwork seems to celebrate the aesthetics of the Croatian coast, offering viewers a visual escape and a sense of the serene and idyllic nature of the depicted seascape.


  • Paper


24 x 34.5 cm


  • Impressionistic


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Mykola  Dzvonyk

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