Posted on 2023-09-19
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Cleopatra 4

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This is the 4th in a serious of 60 Cleopatra portraits whose facial image is based on an original photo shoot of a well known Greek model and close friend of mine from years ago. Digital editing and some A.I. embellishments were used to change each Cleopatra's robes and background situation. There will be only 1 print of each individual Cleopatra leaving the collection to the new owner. This means you have a genuine 'one off' unique print. The portraits will be printed on highest quality satin paper and dispatched, protected flat between cardboard. My artistic inspiration for this collection primarily comes from Cleopatra's story and lifestyle. There was a burning desire to re-create the colours and ambience of that time and of her reign in Egypt. My background in acting and producing music videos got me noticing how attractive or inspiring a single frame from a video shoot can turn out to be. Therefore this collection is a small snippet of a vision that could be a complete movie or music video featuring these very colourful Cleopatras. If only we had the Hollywood budget! Thanks for visiting, Deekstar.


  • Paper


27cm x 27cm square


  • Realistic and photographic


  • People


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