Posted on 2023-10-27
Paula Horsley Paula Horsley

The Last Leaves Wall Hanging

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It's autumn and the last leaves cling to the tree as the wind moves through the branches.
This drawing has been inspired by my favourite tree and was created with a 3D pen and TPU flexible filament.
Working with a 3D pen is literally drawing with plastic. The heated filament comes out of the pen in a soft, melted line which sticks to itself to form the drawing/sculpture.
TPU has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber and is known for its durability, flexibility, and excellent tensile strength.
The drawing is attached to a wooden dowel and although it is substantial enough to hang beautifully, it is incredibly light in weight which makes hanging the piece a very simple operation. You can even use a self adhesive wall hook.
Please note that this artwork needs a plain, light coloured wall and would be lost against a patterned or dark background.


W 88cm x H 61cm x D 1mm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Paula Horsley

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