Posted on 2024-03-19
Richard Hopkinson Richard Hopkinson

African Spirit

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In a dance of colors bold and bright, A bottle stands, a canvas light. Hand-painted tales upon its skin, African masks, a story within.

Each curve a cheek, each line a nose, A silent whisper, a pose it chose. Eyes that follow, a gaze that holds, Secrets untold, as the bottle unfolds.

Tribal spirits from the past, In vibrant hues, forever cast. A bottle’s form, now brought to life, With masks that speak of joy and strife.

So raise it high, this work of art, A painter’s love, a craftsman’s heart. African masks, on glass portrayed, A hand-painted beauty, never to fade.

A unique glass item signed and dated by the artist. This one off item is available now. Item includes gold leaf in the finish.


  • Glass


11" inches high wit h a 3.5 inch diameter


  • Impressionistic


  • Abstract


Richard Hopkinson

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