Posted on 2023-11-17
Lada Kholosho Lada Kholosho
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Timeless Majesty: Big Ben Urban Symphony. London painting

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant heartbeat of London with this captivating original oil painting by artist Lada Kholosho. "Timeless Majesty: Big Ben Urban Symphony" invites you to stroll through the bustling city streets and witness the iconic Big Ben standing tall against the urban backdrop. Crafted on a stretched canvas with meticulous attention to detail, this 40x50 cm masterpiece captures the dynamic energy of London's cityscape. Every brushstroke tells a story, showcasing the artist's skill in portraying the harmonious blend of architecture and street life. Signed by the artist, this painting is offered unframed, allowing you the freedom to choose a frame that complements your personal style. Bring the spirit of London into your space and let the timeless majesty of Big Ben resonate in your surroundings


  • Canvas


W 40 cm x H 50 cm x D 1 cm


  • Impressionistic


  • London Art


Lada Kholosho

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