Posted on 2023-05-17
Vitalie Nastas Vitalie Nastas


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The installation depicts the torso of a man with formed muscles, which adds an element of complexity and intrigue to the work.

What sets my installation apart is the braided wire, which I carefully manipulated to replicate the growth of muscle fibers. The end result is a installation that looks like a pencil sketch when viewed from a distance .This unique approach to working with wire allows the viewer to appreciate the intricacy of the piece while also adding depth and dimension.

My inspiration for this installation is drawn from antique sculptures of old masters, which is evident in the attention to detail and the use of traditional techniques. However, the modern twist of using wire as a medium adds a contemporary element that makes my work feel fresh and innovative.
Material/ Metal Wire
Dimensions W43cm H93cm D0,01
W17" H36" D0,01


  • Metal


W17" H36" D0,01


  • Impressionistic


  • Nudes and Erotic


Vitalie Nastas

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