Posted on 2024-04-27
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Forest Temple

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In the heart of the ancient forest, where shadows weave their secrets, A princess dwells, veiled in mystery, her presence ethereal. Her gown, woven from moonbeams and dew-kissed petals, Clings to her form like whispers carried by the wind.

Emerald leaves cradle her delicate feet, their veins pulsing with life, As she treads the mossy path toward the forgotten temple. Its stones, weathered by centuries, bear witness to forgotten rites, And the ivy-clad archways beckon her deeper into their embrace.

The glowing plants illuminate her way—a celestial chorus, Their luminescence dancing upon her skin like stardust. She raises her arms, and they respond, weaving halos around her, Guiding her steps toward the temple’s time-worn entrance.

Within, shadows dance upon cracked frescoes, telling tales of gods and mortals, Their voices echoing through the hollow chambers. The princess gazes upward, where a canopy of stars peers through gaps in the roof, Their distant light mingling with the glow of the forest below.

And there, at the heart of the temple, stands an altar of forgotten dreams, Its surface etched with symbols only she comprehends. She places her hand upon it, feeling the pulse of ages, As if the very stones remember her name.

The forest princess, guardian of secrets, whispers her own prayer, A melody woven from moonlight and longing. For she is bound to this place, a bridge between realms, Her destiny entwined with the ancient temple’s memories.

And as dawn approaches, she steps back into the forest’s embrace, Her gown trailing behind her like a comet’s tail. The glowing plants bow in reverence, their light fading, Yet the temple remains, a silent sentinel in the heart of the woods.

For the mysterious forest princess is both its keeper and its key, Her story etched into the very stones that cradle her steps. And when the moon rises once more, she’ll return, To dance with shadows, commune with stars, and unravel the enigma of time.

A limited edition of x 3 high quality art prints are available now.


  • Paper


550mm x 550 mm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • People


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